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Santa Fe Workshops

We are more than a place to learn, you are among those who share your passion for creativity. There is a community built within each workshop, a place that allows you to learn not only from our professionals but also your peers.

We offer world-renowned Professional Photographers and Pulitzer Prize Winning Writers both in the U.S. and abroad. Our reputation has been built upon a foundation of creativity and community for individuals of all levels.

Our commitment to providing supportive and inspirational workshops for all set us apart and has been instrumental in building and strengthening our reputation in the Photographic and Writing communities in Santa Fe and around the world.

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A passion for photography

My love affair with photography began when I was a junior in college—in retrospect, one of the finest years of my life. I was studying in London and used this great city as a springboard to travel throughout the British Isles, continental Europe, and the Soviet Union. As I packed for my year abroad, I thought it would be good to take a camera along so I could make pictures of all the amazing places I would see. Little did I know that this simple decision to buy a camera would change the way I experienced the world and, on a larger scale, the way I lived my life.

During those first weeks in London, all my senses seemed heightened by my crude attempts to capture on film what I saw and felt. Speaker’s Corner, Portabello Road, Richmond Hill, and Kew Gardens became my picture-taking haunts. I enrolled in a photography class and learned how to develop film and make prints in the darkroom.

Very quickly I was hooked, as this new interest consumed both my waking hours and my dreams at night. I wandered the streets of London, Edinburgh, Penzance, Dublin, Florence, Leningrad, and Moscow with my camera and a new appreciation for the sights, smells, and and surprises of my surroundings.

“My passion for photography became deeply embedded in my body and soul, changing my life forever.”

I witness a similar zeal in the people who come to The Workshops. I sense their desire to capture the moments in life that captivate and inspire them. I feel their commitment to learning how to better use the tools of photography— the cameras, computers, software, printers, and yes, film. I marvel at the joy they experience while exploring their creativity. Photography deepens our connections to the world around us, to ourselves, and to one another. It adds meaning and delight to our lives.

My own love affair with image-making is now 40 years young, and I have never stopped appreciating how fortunate I am to be able to express what I see and feel through photography.

Photography is a gift we give ourselves. Join us in Santa Fe, Cuba, San Miguel, or for one of our On The Road workshops. You deserve it.

– Reid Callanan, Founder

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© Nina Callanan

Reid Callanan


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Anne Fuller

Director of Administration

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Emily Nunez

Director of Finance

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Renie Haiduk

Program Director, San Miguel

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Cotton Miller

Web Manager

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Mignon Ohmura

Administration Assistant

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Christine Alexander

Digital Lab and Online Learning Manager

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Mark James

Creative Director

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Leah Woodruff

Production Manager

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Mecca Riane

Online Course Facilitator

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Jake Baca

Online Course Facilitator

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Montse Carty

Online Course Facilitator

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Olivia Pike

Online Course Facilitator

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Amanda Quintana-Bowles

Online Course Facilitator

Our Team

We are a small but mighty team. Most of us are fortunate enough to live in Santa Fe, but in this new world some of us live in other parts of the country. We share the common goal of offering the highest quality photography and writing workshop experiences on the planet, and we are proud of our lofty status. We invite you to join us for an online or on-location workshop that will change the way you see the world –- and just maybe your life. Tall words indeed, but we collectively stand behind them. Come join us and expand your horizons!

Employment Opportunities

Santa Fe Workshops is a premier provider of photography and writing education. Joining us is an opportunity to work in a creative environment and network with the most talented professionals in these two fields. Our core, year-round team is stable these days, but we will let you know in this section of our website if we are looking to add a core staff position.

If you are an aspiring photographer and want to advance your career, we are always looking to add to our team during the busy summer workshop season in Santa Fe. Working with SFW is both intense and rewarding. Over the years, our seasonal staff have formed life-long friendships and many now have successful careers. Keep an eye on this part of our website for details on our seasonal positions (likely in March).

Available Positions

2023 Summer Season Positions: Coming Soon

Seasonal positions coming soon. Stay tuned for more info.

Production Assistant (Full Time)

Summer season June 27-August 19, 2022

This is a temporary seasonal position 40 hours a week that has responsibilities to the operations and administration of the summer photographic programs and the organization in general.

Schedule:  Full Time 40 hours a week June 27th-August 19th 2022
Pay: $18/hour

General Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Support the SFW Operations Department with the day to day logistics of workshop production, including but not limited to: checking in with instructors about course needs, supporting course coordinators, booking locations, hiring models, and prepping paperwork for the Admin and Finance departments.
  • Prepare coffee and other beverage service items for participants and instructors daily.
  • Maintain inventory on all beverage products, food service items, and cleaning supplies. Consult with the Summer Program Producer when new supplies are needed and make purchases.
  • Refill five-gallon water jugs, made available for participants, as needed.
  • Clean and arrange picnic tables in the lunch area daily. 
  • Monitor trash containers in the lunch area and empty them before they become overflowing. Maintain recycling bins.
  • Assist other team members with cleaning and re-organizing classrooms.
  • Oversee and make sales at the SFW store Monday through Friday. Schedule to be determined.
  • Prep folders for the upcoming weeks’ participants on Fridays.
  • Assist with daily lunch set up as needed. Pick up lunches from caterer for classes leaving early for locations if needed.
  • Prepare coolers for classes to take on location as requested.
  • Willingness to complete other duties as necessary.

Desired Qualifications

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License.
  • Must have reliable transportation or ability to drive a standard automobile (provided by the workshops.)
  • Work experience as a retail cashier or in a similar role in sales.
  • Basic computer skills including MS Office suite.
  • Strong communication and time management skills.
  • Customer service experience preferred,
  • High school degree.
  • Dependable, organized; flexible

To apply:

By June 1, 2022, please send your current resume and cover letter to leah@santafeworkshops.com.

Course Coordinator (In person, Santa Fe)

Contractor position, Summer Season June 27th-August 19th 2022

The responsibilities of this contract position are carried out under the guidance of the Santa Fe Workshops Operations department. This individual must have experience in photography, a strong technical background, interest or experience with content and social media marketing, as well as possess the capability to work well with groups of people in a demanding educational environment. Course Coordinators (CC) must be technically capable to support participants. Being well organized, responsible, personable, dependable, and resourceful are necessary personal qualities. 

This contractor position is scheduled to work 5 days a week over 8 weeks. This includes "Prep Week,” "Clean- Up Week," and 6 weeks included in the SFW Summer Season June 27th until August 19th. This position is performed for a daily stipend of $155.00, plus reimbursement of incurred mileage expenses that are Workshop related. Lunches are provided, Monday through Friday, one class dinner is reimbursed, and a group dinner on Friday is provided during the 6 weeks that classes are running. These meals are not included during set up and clean up weeks. Contractors will be responsible for submitting an invoice for fees at the end of each week, this should also include any reimbursable expenses. Candidates should be aware that the stipend does not include any allowance for tax obligations. Taxes are the responsibility of the individual.  

Desired Qualifications and Eligibility for the Course Coordinator

  • Hold or are currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography or equivalent.
  • Have experience assisting photographers and/or freelancing as a professional photographer.
  • Possess a portfolio of work that represents your photographic style.
  • Have a good command of various camera systems.
  • Be prepared to assist participants with technical issues regarding camera gear, digital capture, and workflow with both Mac and PC platforms.
  • Retail or customer service experience is beneficial.
  • Current Red Cross CPR Certification Card must be obtained prior to beginning employment. 
  • CC must have their own car to drive to locations. Mileage will be reimbursed. 

The Course Coordinator Experience - Course Coordinators work Monday through Friday.

The main focus and priority of a Course Coordinator is to meet the needs of the instructor and the participants. Each CC is assigned one workshop per week.

The agenda set by the instructor must be carefully analyzed and kept on track by the CC. Standard workshop operational policies are to be enforced in addition to meeting the needs of the instructor's agenda. 

In the event that a class cancels, the Workshops offers three options for the CCs: 1) time off without pay for the week; 2) work on campus on a per day basis to assist with administrative responsibilities or performing special assignments; 3) participate in an available workshop tuition free (without daily stipend); however you must pay for lab fee, model/location fee, meal plan, or the like.

Course Coordinator General Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Open Classroom starting at 8 am Monday through Friday.
  • Collect student images and prepare class critique by 9am.
  • Inform participants of the SFW logistics and policies.
  • Attend Monday night instructor presentations.
  • Collect content according to designated creative brief specifications, including but not limited to video footage and photographs of the workshop experience and upload all files to a designated shared folder for  the Marketing Director on a weekly basis no later than end of day Friday.
  • Assist the instructor during demo shoots and throughout the entirety of the workshop.
  • Print maps and hand out to participants for location days.
  • Organize model rotations.
  • Fill out payment forms for locations.
  • Prepare the final Friday night show via Premier Pro.
  • Assist Marketing Department in related activities associated with social media channels and content distribution

To apply:

By June 1, 2022, please send resume, a brief statement of 200-500 words of why you want to work for SFW, and a portfolio of 12 images of recent photographic work to leah@santafeworkshops.com.

Part-time Positions

Accounting Assistant (part time, 20-25 hours/week)

Our objective in hiring an Accounting Assistant is to select an individual who is either experienced or seeking experience in accounting and bookkeeping, brings a formal education, and is excited about the field.


Job Description

As the Accounting Assistant your primary responsibilities will include recording daily credit card deposits, preparing cash and check deposits, making regular journal entries into QuickBooks for income and expenses, handling A/P, maintaining vendor files, reconciling bank statements and monthly credit card statements.

We enjoy a friendly work environment where inter-office communication is fundamental to the smooth operation of the business. Good communication will help us to support each other and will help this office effectively support the rest of the company. It is essential to have a good understanding of accounting principles but also important to have adequate Microsoft Excel skills and experience in QuickBooks to perform well in this position. Confidentiality is also expected.


Job Duties

  • All A/P invoice verification and entry, check printing, some electronic payments, paper filing
  • Prepare and record daily bank deposits
  • Maintain vendor files
  • Reconcile monthly Credit Card Statements
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Make regular journal entries to record income and expenses
  • Manage miscellaneous receivables
  • Manage petty cash accounts
  • Attend organizational meetings
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Other duties as assigned


Job Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrated high level experience using Excel
  • Demonstrated high level experience using Quickbooks
  • Highly organized
  • Good attention to detail
  • Excellent communication Skills
  • Dependable, Trustworthy, Flexible
  • Must be fully vaccinated from Covid-19


Please submit your resume with a cover letter and references to business@santafeworkshops.com

There are currently no part-time positions available. Stay tuned for updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Santa Fe Workshops (SFW) we refer to photo workshops being “in-season” or “off-season.” Our Spring seasons run early March to early April. In 2021 our Summer season will run early July to early mid-August. During workshop “seasons” there is a meal plan included in Tuition for all participants. Aside from these major differences, there are also instructor presentations, group dinners, and participant image presentations.

The “off season” is the rest of the year. Workshops are scheduled during many of these off weeks, but may be the only class on campus. Consequently, many amenities of the workshop “seasons” are not available; for example, usually only lunch is included and your class may be the only one going on.

Most workshops will start between 8 and 9am. In a photography workshop, usually the first thing you will do is review your images from the previous day. Mornings often include editing and critique sessions as well as discussion of daily assignments. Lunch is eaten on campus at the buffet or sack lunches are packed for groups that have already left for the field. Most classes leave in the afternoon for daily field sessions, sometimes as a group, other times individually.

Most digital lab classes spend the majority of the time in the digital lab. The lab usually opens at 8:30am and closes at 5pm. The digital lab is open for digital participants only on some evenings. Half-day field trips might be taken to make new images with digital cameras.

For the 2021 Summer season, you need to arrive into Santa Fe at anytime on Sunday. There will be a group breakfast Monday morning, followed by a brief orientation before your first class session. Your workshop is officially over after dinner and the participant image presentations on Friday night (usually by 9:30 pm).

Intensive workshops follow a different schedule, with many of them starting on Friday morning and ending at noon on Sunday.

This varies from workshop to workshop. In general, bring your photographic equipment: cameras, lenses, and if you have them, a tripod, filters, a hand-held light meter, and a flash. Laptops are required for all participants who are not taking workshops based in the digital lab. Additional information about camera formats and equipment for individual workshops is detailed in a letter from the instructor.

The Workshops’ Digital Lab has 13 workstations complete with 16GB Mac Pro computers, top-of-the-line monitors courtesy of NEC, and the latest software from Adobe. Epson provides us with Epson P600 and P800 printers and a wide selection of Epson papers we have available for printmaking workshops.

To enhance your learning experience in our multimedia workshops, we have H4n recorders, wireless Lavaliler Kits, GoPro Hero4s.

Some workshops require that you submit a sample of recent photography for final admission. For complete details, visit the Portfolios section in the Registration Information section.

Nearly all of our photography workshops have a maximum of 14 participants. Workshops held in the Digital Lab have a maximum enrollment of 13 participants. The minimum number of participants to run a workshop varies from workshop to workshop, depending on a variety of factors. In the event that a workshop must be canceled due to inadequate enrollment, all fees and deposits are refunded in full or may be transferred to another workshop within 12 months. The Workshops makes final decisions about the running of a workshop no less than 30 days before the start date for all Santa Fe-based workshops.

Santa Fe is located at 7,000 feet above sea level in the Sangre de Cristo mountains; it can take your body a day of two to adapt to the high altitude. There are four seasons, with snow likely during the winter. Santa Fe is comfortably dry but can have rapid weather changes and it is not uncommon to have 30 degree temperature differences between night and day. Santa Fe averages 300 days of glorious sunshine, 14 inches of rain and 17.5 inches of snow each year. For up-to-date weather information and historical averages, visit weather.com or visitsantafe.com. “Typical weather” figures can be found on AccuWeather’s web site.

Participants are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements in Santa Fe. On-campus accommodations are not currently available. Please read the Accommodations segment on the Santa Fe section.

Santa Fe-based workshops take place on the IHM Retreat Center campus (50 Mount Carmel Road), located about 2 to 2.5 miles from the nearest commercial areas, so a car provides added freedom and flexibility. If you do not rent a car, Uber and Lyft are available in Santa Fe. You will need to car pool with other workshop participants when you go on field trips. We suggest that you call us to find out if a car is required for your workshop as sometimes you will need to be able to be independent of others.

Days are busy and intense. You may find some time in the early evening to see the city. We suggest coming in a few days early or staying a few days after your workshop if you would like to take in the sights of Santa Fe, including the great museums, restaurants, and galleries.

Keep in mind that you will be very busy with your workshop. Your family will likely not see a lot of you! Still, Santa Fe is a major tourist destination and there are many things to do in and around Santa Fe. Check out these websites for ideas: santafe.comsantafe.org, or newmexico.org.

Unfortunately, no. Many of our carefully-chosen locations are on private land and are not accessible to the public. Therefore we are not allowed to bring additional guests to these locations. Even in cases where we visit public areas to photograph, we often secure special permits to enter as a group, and additional guests are not covered by our permits or by our insurance. If you visit a publicly-accessible location with The Workshops and want to enjoy it with friends and family, we encourage you to do so after your workshop has concluded.

We know that unexpected things come up that might require you to cancel your workshop. If at all possible, let us know more than 30 days before the start of your workshop. Click HERE for full details about our Cancellation and Transfer Policies. We also strongly recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance (see below).

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance can protect you against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent your attendance. We suggest a plan that offers coverage for medical and dental emergencies, lost baggage, missed connections, and trip cancellation should you have a medical problem that prevents you from attending. The Santa Fe Workshops is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies or reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation.

Each year is different but usually scholarship money is available. The scholarships are valid for photo workshops of four or more days in length, running in Santa Fe. For complete details, visit the Scholarship page.

The State of New Mexico requires all businesses to collect gross receipts tax on all goods and services. In order to not pay tax, you or your company must register for tax-exempt status with the State of New Mexico and pay the annual fee. The tax rate as of January 1, 2020 is 8.4375%.

Additionally, due to Economic Nexus Laws, Santa Fe Workshops may need to collect and pay state sales tax to many additional states.