Jake Baca

Online Course Facilitator
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about Jake

I am a seasoned multimedia producer and now also a Course Facilitator for SFW Online. My goal at SFW is to provide top quality remote assistance with our online courses, and to keep an open line of communication for all parties involved leading to a great student experience.

I have been producing media in the high desert of Northern New Mexico for over 15 years. With a degree in Media Production, I started working in recording studios mixing/tracking music for local musicians. My media career then expanded greatly offering media support for a global importer of goods. I have spent over 10 years honing my design, photo, and video skills working in their studio with over 300 brands. I now produce hundreds of videos and generate thousands of photos every year for my clients, as well as audio production of podcasts, voiceovers, and music. Recently climbing on board with Santa Fe Workshops has been a real treat.

I am currently working on opening a multi-media production facility specializing in media support for small business and manufactures. When I’m not in one of the many studios, I enjoy the greatness of the nature here in New Mexico along with the stillness of life in Santa Fe. An avid lover of anything art and most things food, I spend time in the many galleries and restaurants around me. Getting outside as much as possible to ride bikes, run, hike, or just to be in the sun with my wonderful fiancé and my little dog Tic-Tac is what I enjoy most of all.