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A life can be changed in a workshop. Guided by the world's most acclaimed photographers, participants of all levels expand their craft, vision, and creativity in workshops that range from the basics to advanced studio lighting. Join our supportive communities in Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende, Cuba, or Asia to immerse yourself in your photography and forge lasting friendships.

Photography Contest - EAT

DON'T MISS OUT! Submission deadline is September 15!

From the farmers in the fields to the ritual of a feast, food is central to human existence. It can comfort us, sustain us, and cultivate connections between us. Food has the power to nourish us, both body and mind. It can express individual tastes or a shared cultural heritage. For our EAT contest, show us images that celebrate food in all its many forms: the ingredients, growers, chefs, techniques, traditions, and stories behind one of humanity's most basic needs.

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