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Santa Fe Workshops is a place to connect with a vibrant creative community. You’ll engage in immersive experiences guided by instructors who are not only trusted experts in their field, but dedicated teachers experienced in supporting participants at every stage of their growth. Participants emerge from each workshop inspired and renewed, with greater confidence in the skills they need to take their creative expression to the next level.

Creativity Continues

Creativity Continues with you—become part of the SFW community under Assignment: My Holiday. From now until January 20, submit up to 5 images, as either a short picture story or individual images. There is no fee to participate! Then, on Wednesday, February 3, Alison Wright—a widely-published documentary photographer and popular workshop instructor—will present her 20 selects while sharing her insights into what makes for a compelling image/picture story.

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Rick Allred • Susan Burnstine • Karen Divine • Elena Dorfman • Pam Houston • Jason Langer
Sarah Leen & Bill Marr • Arthur Meyerson • Eddie Soloway • Jennifer Spelman • Nevada Wier
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At The Workshops, our goal is to provide a supportive, inspirational community where photographers of all levels can build confidence in their creative and technical skills, to achieve their personal and professional photographic goals. Whether you're looking for a workshop, interested in a mentorship, or ready to apply for a scholarship, the General Information section of our website is designed to help you make an informed decision.