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A life can be changed in a workshop. Guided by the world's most acclaimed photographers, participants of all levels expand their craft, vision, and creativity in workshops that range from the basics to advanced studio lighting. Join our supportive communities in Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende, Cuba, or Asia to immerse yourself in your photography and forge lasting friendships.

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At The Workshops, our goal is to provide a supportive, inspirational community where photographers of all levels can build confidence in their creative and technical skills, to achieve their personal and professional photographic goals. Whether you're looking for a workshop, interested in a mentorship, or ready to apply for a scholarship, the General Information section of our website is designed to help you make an informed decision.

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Dallas Center for Photography

In partnership with Dallas Center for Photography, Santa Fe Workshops and Jennifer Spelman present Creating Compelling Portraits, July 26 - 29, 2018. This four day workshop held at DCP is a class to teach you to craft images not as technician but as a photographer finely creating our vision of another person.

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