Lauren Joseph

Online Course Facilitator
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about Lauren

Hi there! My name is Lauren Joseph. I’m an award winning photo editor, producer and researcher based in Brooklyn, New York. I’m really excited to join SFW as an online facilitator. Education and creativity are values that drive me both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to contribute my expertise to foster a welcoming and productive environment during your class or webinar!

Currently, I also work as the director of photography at Newsweek. Prior to joining Newsweek, I commissioned and produced photography as a photo editor at WIRED and Washingtonian magazine. Professionally, I’ve been honored and awarded by the SPDs, CRMAs and the American Photography juried annual awards.

In my personal time, I foster cats and kittens via the Brooklyn Kitty Committee as well as care for my two resident foster-fail cats, Bubba and Lulu. I hold a BFA in painting and drawing so I occasionally continue to dabble in fine art practices as well. I am a fierce advocate for dessert before dinner. Feel free to ask me about the quilt I’m working on or what book I’m reading. See you in class!