On Location
San Miguel de Allende

Discovering One’s Intuition Through Compositing

with Karen Divine

October 7 – 11, 2024

  • Package Price $2795.00
  • International Deposit $1500.00

Course Description

Karen Divine’s unique creative process, crafted through images and illustration, brings to life a world of color, symbolism, revelations, and a place where surprises unfold. She says, “My pieces begin with images of textures, gentle marks, colors that move me in the moment as well as forms from other images. I soften these experiences altogether and create a playground for my imagination to continue. On occasion, a background might hold the entire weight of the story. Most of the time a background is just the beginning, a resolve of the day’s mood and an opportunity to jump into the creative rabbit hole. It can be a place of salvation, peace, retreat, sometimes frustration and often utter joy.”

Join Karen in the creative space of San Miguel de Allende for a memorable week-long adventure geared to move you outside your comfort zone, challenging you to make iPhone composites that reflect a new and unique personal perspective. Karen says, “The fabric of all our experiences exists in our imagery, our shadows, dreams, joys, doubts, and fears—and given the tools, these qualities will appear in our work. Art is an amazing tool for self-discovery.” 

As the workshop begins, Karen provides a brief review of the iPhone layering apps used to create composites—Superimpose X and Procreate. Participants need to be proficient in at least one of these apps or be skillful in using layers and masks in Adobe Photoshop.

Karen then guides you to let go of concepts and control and trust our seemingly random choices. We aspire to create imagery from an intuitive place that reveals our personal experiences of the world and inner self. There are five steps in this artful process. The first is creating a background upon which holds the entire future image. The second and most challenging is learning to allow the imagery to appear. The third is creating balance in the image. The fourth step is the first time we allow our analytical mind to pull the image together using color, shapes, lines, and additional elements. The fifth and final step in this process involves opening yourself up to what this new work is revealing to you about your life and the present moment. 

The beauty and magic of San Miguel de Allende, where Karen once lived, plays an important role in the creative endeavors this week. Frequent field trips in search of inspiration and new imagery are coupled with daily group sessions for demonstrations and PowerPoint presentations, group image reviews, individual encouragement, and assignments for the next class meeting.

Join Karen for this unique program in the heart of Colonial Mexico to push your creative boundaries. Alumni of Karen’s previous online and in-person workshops are welcome to continue the creative journey with her. 

Additional Information

Advanced Amateurs
What You Should Know:

Participants need to be proficient in shooting with an iPhone and familiar with either Superimipose X or Procreate. One can also use any digital camera and Photoshop if they are familiar with layers and masks.

Special Notes:

Participants should plan to travel to San Miguel no later than Sunday, October 6. Workshop check-in will be on Monday morning, followed by breakfast and a brief orientation. The workshop ends on Friday evening with a final dinner and image presentations.

Visit the San Miguel Campus page on our website for details on accommodations, meals, transportation, and more.

Enrollment for this San Miguel workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Activity Level:
To get the most from your workshop experience, participants should be in good physical (mobility, stamina) and mental health. Come prepared for the high elevation of San Miguel de Allende, long days, and seasonal weather. You must be able to carry your own photographic and personal gear at all times, both on campus and on location. You are responsible for being open and honest about your physical fitness, and we reserve the right to remove you from the workshop if we find your fitness to be less than that which you have described.
Participants should be able to engage in moderate outdoor exercise for up to an hour or more at a time including walking on uneven terrain such as cobblestone walkways and roads, dirt, and loose rock.

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For participants wanting to stay at Hotel Posada de la Aldea, double accommodations are $440 per person for 6 nights, Sunday through Friday, (for couples taking workshops and friends traveling together), or $830 per person, single accommodations for 6 nights, Sunday through Friday. Additional nights at the hotel can be arranged for participants; please discuss needs with the Administration Office in Santa Fe.

Package Price INFO:

$2,795 (USD) includes tuition, breakfast Monday through Saturday, lunch Monday through Friday, final dinner on Friday, and model/location/materials fees if applicable to the class. Hotel accommodations are not included in the package price; see details above.

Applications, Creative Vision, Fine Art, One-of-a-Kind
Karen Divine

Karen Divine was first introduced to photography in the early 1970’s and went on to study painting, drawing, and alternative photographic processes. While she finds that creating a beautiful single image is crucial to being a fine-art photographer, it is the multi-image that speaks to her heart.

She has won numerous awards from international organizations, including the 2011 Discovery of the Year Nominee from International Photography Awards, the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, the Prix de la Photographie Gold Award, and a first place WPGA Pollux Award. 

A popular workshop instructor, Karen is also part of our Mentorship Program »

Get to know Karen in our Inspiration Series video »

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