On Location
San Miguel de Allende

Creating Memorable Portraits

with Christopher Fragapane

October 5 – 9, 2023

  • Package Price $2395.00
  • International Deposit $1500.00

Course Description

Creating memorable portraits is not only about capturing something unique about the subject but also about how the photographer chooses to portray the subject through the lens of their personal experience and point of view. In this hands-on workshop with professional portrait photographer, teacher, and San Miguel de Allende resident Christopher Fragapane, you explore how to create portraits with your own point of view and learn to develop your personal photographic style and incorporate that into your portraiture. 

Discover the richness of historic San Miguel de Allende, its gentle people, and their vibrant culture with Christopher offering his technical and creative guidance. You learn to understand, use, and modify the natural and existing light in a location and how to choose the best setting within a location to implement your vision. He also covers the topics of directing the subject, posing, and how to utilize texture, color and space to create a desired mood and tell the story of the subject. Christopher is available to answer any questions regarding the many logistical concerns and details that go into planning a portrait session.

This magical and challenging workshop week begins with Christopher reviewing images from each participant, then moving into a lecture and demonstration focused on the fundamentals of creating a successful portrait. Afterwards, students working in small groups engage with willing subjects on campus to practice their portrait-making skills. 

Each morning is devoted to reviewing and discussing, as a group, the images made by the students the previous day. Subsequent afternoons are spent working in small groups at pre-selected locations in and around San Miguel as well as in the town’s public parks and plazas working with models and locals as subjects. Here there is the opportunity to create portraits of a variety of subjects using the environment to compliment and tell “the story” of the subject. 

By the end of the week, students are rewarded with the skills and confidence necessary to approach people and guide them in a collaborative creative process to craft a memorable portrait. 

Additional Information

COVID-19 Update: For all in-person workshops and trips in 2023, Santa Fe Workshops highly recommends that all participants, staff, and instructors attending be up to date with Covid vaccinations (per definition of the CDC). For international trips, local laws will apply, so it is important that you confirm you will be fully vaccinated according to the countries on your trip.

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs
What You Should Know:

Participants need to be technically self-sufficient, as this is not a workshop to learn how to use your gear or editing software. Participants must be able to download, select, and submit images for class each day.

Special Notes:

Participants should plan to travel to San Miguel no later than Wednesday, October 4. Workshop check-in will be Thursday morning, followed by breakfast and a brief orientation. The workshop ends on Monday evening with a final dinner and image presentations.

Visit the San Miguel Campus page on our website for details on accommodations, meals, transportation, and more.

Enrollment for this San Miguel workshop is limited to 14 participants.


View Payment, Refund, Withdrawal, and Transfer Policies for this International Program.


For participants wanting to stay at Hotel Posada de la Aldea, double accommodations are $415 per person for 6 nights, Wednesday through Monday, (for couples taking workshops and friends traveling together) or $830 per person, single accommodations for 6 nights, Wednesday through Monday. Additional nights at the hotel can be arranged for participants; please discuss needs with the Administration Office in Santa Fe.

Package Price INFO:

$2,395 (USD) includes tuition, breakfast Thursday through Tuesday, lunch Thursday through Monday, final dinner on Monday, and model/location/materials fees if applicable to the class. Hotel accommodations are not included in the package price; see details above.

Christopher Fragapane

Christopher Fragapane received a degree in the Applied Science of Photography then relocated to New York City where he worked alongside many talented photographers from across the globe and gained invaluable experience in fields ranging from fashion and lifestyle to advertising and portraiture. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, Christopher began working for a variety of clients including home design, fashion, and entertainment companies such as Fox, NBC, The CW Network, Amazon, and Universal Pictures. With over two and a half decades of experience as a professional photographer, he now calls San Miguel de Allende home. Taking full advantage of the stunning beauty and gorgeous light of San Miguel, Christopher continues to draw on his background in art and fashion and bring his unique point of view to the portraits he creates.

Instagram: @thebreadstealer

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