The Magical World of ICM

with Roxanne Bouché Overton

Course Description

Roxanne Bouché Overton is fascinated by peripheral vision—“that blurry area where things catch my eye”—and she aims to capture its compelling quality in her work. Intentional camera movement (ICM) is a technique that allows her to do exactly that, and this two-part presentation focuses on methods for enhancing traditional photography in unexpected ways.

In session one, she presents a selection of her photographs, illuminating why each image is suited to ICM and detailing the strategies that get her the look she wants, from camera settings to hand-holding with long exposures and creative movement techniques. Roxanne photographs without prejudice—every genre is fair game. Because it is image quality that forms the foundation for all ICM work, any subject can be interpreted through movement to offer viewers a fresh perspective.

During the second session, we delve into criteria for choosing photographs that are well-suited to camera motion, and Roxanne displays still images alongside their corresponding ICM versions, juxtaposing the traditional with the more impressionistic. The session ends in the digital darkroom, where she walks us through her processes for finishing a final image. Using Adobe Photoshop, she demonstrates the key techniques that are transferrable to any photo software that uses layers.

As Roxanne shares the techniques and vision that give her photographs that exceptional quality, you discover how to push your own work into the realm of the exceptional.

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Creative Vision, Fine Art
Roxanne Bouché Overton

Roxanne Bouché Overton has won multiple awards for her innovative photography, which captures what she calls “liminal time—that space that is neither here nor there.” Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and in addition to leading workshops internationally, she’s made presentations for PSA, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, and the Royal Photographic Society. Roxanne is the author of several books, including Advanced ICM Techniques, Think Before You Shoot, The Art of Mindful Photography, Catching My Peripheral Vision: Finding Clarity in Blur, and Critique – A Path to Creating Exceptional Photography.

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