On Location
Santa Fe

The Fine Art of Macro Photography

with Kristi Odom

July 15 – 19, 2024

  • Tuition $1995.00
  • Location and Materials Fee $80.00
  • Standard Deposit $400.00

Course Description

The camera is a tool to explore and discover worlds we may miss with our own eyes. Join photographer Kristi Odom as she takes you on a journey with your macro lens to find and discover the little things that make extraordinary photographs.

During this eye-opening week in Santa Fe, Kristi guides participants through a comprehensive exploration of macro photography. The curriculum encompasses a range of exciting topics, including mastering lighting techniques specifically tailored for macro shots. Participants learn to select optimal settings and gear, utilize off-camera flash, and harness diffusers and basic modifiers to create stunning imagery. The workshop also covers more advanced techniques such as rear sync flash and focus stacking to capture the intricate details in macro subjects. Participants explore creative post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve enhanced visual impact.

Through a series of field sessions at local parks and gardens, we delve into the captivating realms of bugs and flowers. Participants explore the art of time-lapse florals, opening up new dimensions of creativity in capturing the dynamic beauty of nature. Informed by her experience working as an associate fellow for the International League of Conservation Photographers and as a contributing photographer for National Geographic, Kristi explores the role of macro photography in environmental advocacy, sharing strategies for utilizing your imagery to benefit parks, organizations, and conservation efforts.

Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of macro photography and elevate your skills to new heights. Learn to captivate your audience with images of the insects and critters that live in your own backyard and local parks. No need to venture far to marvel at wildlife, as the sublime is truly everywhere. Grab your macro lens and get ready to explore the extraordinary, tiny world around us!

Additional Information

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs
What You Should Know:

Participants must bring a macro lens and laptop computer outfitted with current versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  It is also suggested (but not required) that participants bring a flash and off-camera trigger if they own one.

Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR or mirrorless camera. Participants must be able to download and select images using image editing software for class sessions.

Activity Level:
To get the most from your workshop experience, participants should be in good physical (mobility, stamina) and mental health. Come prepared for the high elevation of Santa Fe, long days, and seasonal weather including high temperatures. You must be able to carry your own photographic and personal gear at all times, both on campus and on location. You are responsible for being open and honest about your physical fitness, and we reserve the right to remove you from the workshop if we find your fitness to be less than that which you have described.
Participants should be able to engage in moderate outdoor exercise for up to an hour or more at a time including off-trail walking on uneven terrain including sand, dirt, and loose rock. Location work is likely to include early morning and/or late evening shoots.

Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements in Santa Fe. On-campus accommodations are not currently available.

Lunch Monday through Friday, dinner at the Friday evening Image Presentations, and daily beverage service.
Creative Vision, Fine Art, Nature & Landscape, One-of-a-Kind
Kristi Odom

Conservation photographer and filmmaker, Kristi Odom, has worked in some of the most remote locations on Earth to help document stories that will help protect our planet’s biodiversity.  She is an internationally awarded photographer, an associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Nikon Ambassador, and a motivational speaker. 

Kristi believes strongly in the power of photography to help create positive change and ultimately help protect the planet’s wildlife. A photographer and filmmaker, her work focuses on connecting people emotionally to animals and celebrating those who fight to protect the natural world.  

Her accolades include over 60 international photography awards. Kristi also was included in National Geographic’s 2021 collection for Best Animal Photos and her work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  Her photographs have appeared either online and/or in print for the following clients: National Geographic, Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Nikon, Microsoft, and Outside Magazine.

Instagram: @kristiodom

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