On Location
San Miguel de Allende

The Essence of Place through ICM: San Miguel de Allende

with Stephanie Johnson

September 21 – 25, 2023

  • Package Price $2695.00
  • International Deposit $1500.00

Course Description

ICM photography enables us to see and feel the essence, energy, and soul of a place and encourages us to explore deeper concepts and ideas. The streets and surrounding area of San Miguel de Allende provide a unique opportunity to see things differently as the city comes to life in a magical way when seen through the lens of ICM and Multiple Exposure ICM. 

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende is an artists’ town which is vibrantly rich in color, culture, architecture, landscape, and beauty. Immersion in this alluring place excites the imagination and encourages creative exploration as we wander the streets and landscapes to see light, color, lines, texture, contrast, and essence in new ways using intentional camera movement.

Through shared experiences of place and getting out to create with ICM and ME ICM, this workshop with Stephanie Johnson is designed to heighten your senses, inspire your creative spirit, and expand your artistic vision as you spend time daily immersed in the culture and environment in this vibrant town, both in groups and individually. There are daily practical application demonstrations, classroom presentations, and post-processing demonstrations, as well as image sharing and feedback of the work you create in this special place.

Exploring San Miguel de Allende through a more abstract view of place and discovery, using ICM and ME ICM, ensures your images reflect a very personal journey that is unique and individual to you. Your images transcend simple travel photos and reflect both your unique inner creative spirit and the soulful essence of this historic city. This full week with Stephanie comes to completion with a discussion on how to carry forward what you have learned about ICM photography and seeing things differently. 

Additional Information

COVID-19 Update: For all in-person workshops and trips in 2023, Santa Fe Workshops highly recommends that all participants, staff, and instructors attending be up to date with Covid vaccinations (per definition of the CDC). For international trips, local laws will apply, so it is important that you confirm you will be fully vaccinated according to the countries on your trip.


Photographers at all levels of technical ability are welcome.

What You Should Know:

This workshop is open to photographers at all levels of experience with ICM. The foundations of ICM are covered for those new to ICM, however participants should be technically self-sufficient in the use of their cameras and image editing software. More advanced techniques of ICM and Multiple Exposure ICM are also taught for those who wish to take their ICM artistry further. This workshop is about tapping into an inner vision to see the outer world in new ways. 

For participants interested in going beyond single exposure ICM to learn ME ICM, the teaching of this technique is focused on doing the creative work in-camera using Average, Bright, and Dark blend modes, as well as using the Continuous Shooting ME function. Cameras with these onboard capabilities will ensure the best experience for learning this technique.

Participants should have a working knowledge of digital workflow for finishing images, as well as the ability to submit images for reviews and feedback.

Special Notes:

If participants are interested in exploring ME ICM, they should possess a camera model with multiple exposure functionality, continuous shooting functionality, and in-camera blending modes (Average, Bright, Dark).

Participants should plan to travel to San Miguel no later than Wednesday, September 20. Workshop check-in will be Thursday morning, followed by breakfast and a brief orientation. The workshop ends on Monday evening with a final dinner and image presentations.

Visit the San Miguel Campus page on our website for details on accommodations, meals, transportation, and more.

Enrollment for this San Miguel workshop is limited to 14 participants.


View Payment, Refund, Withdrawal, and Transfer Policies for this International Program.


For participants wanting to stay at Hotel Posada de la Aldea, double accommodations are $415 per person for 6 nights, Wednesday through Monday, (for couples taking workshops and friends traveling together) or $830 per person, single accommodations for 6 nights, Wednesday through Monday. Additional nights at the hotel can be arranged for participants; please discuss needs with the Administration Office in Santa Fe.

Package Price INFO:

$2,695 (USD) includes tuition, breakfast Thursday through Tuesday, lunch Thursday through Monday, final dinner on Monday, and model/location/materials fees if applicable to the class. Hotel accommodations are not included in the package price; see details above.

Creative Vision, Fine Art, One-of-a-Kind
Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is a self-taught creative photographer, who has been primarily focused on ICM photography for the past several years. She has honed her techniques by getting out to ‘do the work’ as often as possible. She brings an inter-connected, creative, and intuitive approach to her photography-as-art to visually express the essence of light, color, form, line, texture, mood, and emotion through the in-camera creative technique of Intentional Camera Movement.    

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduate work in English Literature and has always had a very strong emotional connection to art, in all its various forms, as well as to the natural world. Stephanie has a deep passion for creating uniquely artistic images by working with camera movement to paint how any given scene feels for her in the moment.  

Stephanie is the Founder, Creator, and Publisher of ICM Photography Magazine (ICMPhotoMag), a first-of-its-kind e-magazine dedicated solely to featuring ICM images, articles, reviews, interviews, tips, and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists around the world, in a quarterly feature packed digital format.

Stephanie leads on-location ICM workshops in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, and is an ICM/creative photography mentor and founder of the ICMPhotoMag Network continuous learning community. She also teaches online ICM workshops through the ICM Photography Magazine platform, as well as with the highly respected Santa Fe Workshops.

Instagram: @stephjohnphoto

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