On Location
Santa Fe

Introduction to Fine-Art Digital Printmaking

with Christine Alexander

November 16 and 17, 2024

  • Tuition $595.00
(includes meal plan, see below)
  • Standard Deposit $250.00

Course Description

This workshop is designed for photographers and digital artists interested in bringing their work to life as high-quality prints. While many artists are comfortable processing their images for a digital screen, preparing a file for print is a different undertaking. This hands-on, two-day workshop guides students through the creative and technical considerations of the digital printmaking process, starting with a raw or digital file, moving through the nuances of post-processing, and ending with ten ready-to-frame fine-art prints.

Using Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom, Christine Alexander guides you through the steps of translating an image from a digital file to a physical print. She takes a deep dive into Adobe print menus and settings, discusses the preferences required for different papers, and shows how the software communicates directly with the printer. An introduction to image size, resolution, and resampling is also provided, as well as a general overview of recent Adobe AI upsampling and noise reduction features. Christine then covers color management and toning, discusses color spaces and gamut, and provides the opportunity for participants to practice monitor calibration.

Through hands-on experience in the Workshops’ Digital Lab, outfitted with state-of-the-art Epson P900s, students also receive an introduction to the mechanics and functionality of fine-art inkjet printers. An overview of matte and photo fine art Epson papers is provided, and insights into the process of tailoring your edits for specific papers. Students learn how to correctly handle and load paper, discuss appropriate drying times and off-gassing, and learn the key components of archival practice and print longevity.

With direct support from Christine and the Digital Lab staff, you get to practice these workflows from start to finish, processing your own images, making test proofs, and then complete intentional, final prints.

In a world where images are consumed digitally in milliseconds, this workshop reconnects students to the process of creating tangible, artistic works that can be viewed and admired in the physical world.

Additional Information


All are welcome. One space in this workshop is reserved at a discounted price of $345 for an emerging artist. If you are a photographer or digital artist between the ages of 18-35 interested in participating in this class, please submit your information at the following link for consideration: bit.ly/3Eha7tS

What You Should Know:

Working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop is required for this workshop. No prior printmaking experience is required.

Special Notes:

Computer workstations equipped with M1 chip Mac minis are provided in the Digital Lab. Please ensure any external hard drives are formatted to be read by Mac systems. See "Santa Fe Campus" for more details. Enrollment limited to 11 participants.


Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements in Santa Fe. On-campus accommodations are not currently available.

Meals are not included; beverage service available daily.
2-Day, Digital Printing, Digital Workflow, One-of-a-Kind
Christine Alexander

Christine Alexander has managed the Santa Fe Workshops Digital Lab since 2021. She has taught the fine-art digital printmaking process extensively, supporting a diverse range of artists and educators along the way. Christine is in process of developing a community printing program, wherein local New Mexico youth and artists can come experience the Digital Lab firsthand. Christine also serves as the Operations Manager for Santa Fe Workshops and oversees the production of all in-person workshops.

Prior to her time at the Workshops, Christine worked as a photography instructor for youth at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. She has also collaborated with therapeutic organizations across the country to design and implement healing arts programs. Christine believes in utilizing photography as a tool for creating and reclaiming personal and community narratives and supports widespread access to high-quality media education.

In her spare time, Christine works as a freelance photographer providing content for film productions, artists, dance troupes, and local businesses throughout New Mexico. She loves noir films, mystery novels, and exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Southwest.

Introduction to Fine-Art Digital Printmaking
with Christine Alexander
February 17 and 18, 2024
Introduction to Fine-Art Digital Printmaking
with Christine Alexander
November 16 and 17, 2024

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