On Location
San Miguel de Allende

Discover the Realm of Blur

with Roxanne Bouché Overton

October 14 – 18, 2024

  • Package Price $3095.00
  • International Deposit $1500.00

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Course Description

Embark on an enriching photographic journey with Roxanne Bouché Overton in the captivating town of San Miguel de Allende. Our immersive workshop focuses on mastering the art of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), with additional segments dedicated to exploring the intricacies of multiple exposure and compositing techniques. The workshop seamlessly blends classroom instruction, hands-on field sessions, and artistic exploration, allowing participants to delve into new and expanded photography skills while enjoying the vibrant cultural backdrop of San Miguel de Allende. 

We kick off with engaging classroom sessions where participants explore the fundamental principles of ICM photography. These sessions provide a solid foundation for understanding the intentional techniques involved in capturing dynamic and abstract images through camera movement. This time is not only informative but also fosters a collaborative learning environment, allowing the sharing of insights and ideas.

Along with these classroom sessions, participants journey through the cobblestone streets and picturesque landscapes of San Miguel de Allende, armed with their newfound knowledge. Daily photography sessions provide the perfect opportunity to apply these new techniques in real-world settings. The city’s vibrant colors, architectural wonders, and cultural richness serve as an endless source of inspiration for creative expression.

To ensure personal growth and development, the workshop incorporates critique sessions where participants receive constructive feedback on their assignments. This dialogue encourages artistic exploration and hones individual styles, fostering a supportive community of like-minded photographers.

The technical aspects of post-processing are not neglected, as the workshop includes in-depth demonstrations of Photoshop techniques tailored for refining and enhancing ICM and ME images. Participants learn to elevate their work through digital manipulation and compositing techniques adding additional layers of creativity to their artistic repertoire. Roxanne works extensively with NIK filters and encourages everyone to have the software installed on their laptop. Further details about this will be included in her letter once the workshop is confirmed. 

In conclusion, this rare in-person workshop with Roxanne promises a holistic learning experience, combining classroom education, practical sessions for making new images, technical demonstrations, image reviews, and cultural exploration. The immersive program not only equips participants with new skills and expanded creativity but also creates lasting memories in a travel destination renowned for its beauty and cultural richness.

Additional Information

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs, Professionals
What You Should Know:

Participants should possess proficiency in both camera operations with manual settings, and Photoshop layers and compositing. The class is open to everyone with these operational skills who want to delve into the ICM and ME techniques and take them to new levels.

Special Notes:

Participants should plan to travel to San Miguel no later than Sunday, October 13. Workshop check-in will be on Monday morning, followed by breakfast and a brief orientation. The workshop ends on Friday evening with a final dinner and image presentations.

Visit the San Miguel Campus page on our website for details on accommodations, meals, transportation, and more.

Enrollment for this San Miguel workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Activity Level:
To get the most from your workshop experience, participants should be in good physical (mobility, stamina) and mental health. Come prepared for the high elevation of San Miguel de Allende, long days, and seasonal weather. You must be able to carry your own photographic and personal gear at all times, both on campus and on location. You are responsible for being open and honest about your physical fitness, and we reserve the right to remove you from the workshop if we find your fitness to be less than that which you have described.
Participants should be able to engage in moderate outdoor exercise for up to an hour or more at a time including walking on uneven terrain such as cobblestone walkways and roads, dirt, and loose rock. Location work is likely to include early morning and/or late evening shoots.

View Payment, Refund, Withdrawal, and Transfer Policies for this International Program.


For participants wanting to stay at Hotel Posada de la Aldea, double accommodations are $440 per person for 6 nights, Sunday through Friday, (for couples taking workshops and friends traveling together), or $830 per person, single accommodations for 6 nights, Sunday through Friday. Additional nights at the hotel can be arranged for participants; please discuss needs with the Administration Office in Santa Fe.

Package Price INFO:

$3,095 (USD) includes tuition, breakfast Monday through Saturday, lunch Monday through Friday, final dinner on Friday, and model/location/materials fees if applicable to the class. Hotel accommodations are not included in the package price; see details above.

Creative Vision, Fine Art, ICM + ME
Roxanne Bouché Overton

Roxanne Bouché Overton has won multiple awards for her innovative photography, which captures what she calls “liminal time—that space that is neither here nor there.” Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and in addition to leading workshops internationally, she’s made presentations for PSA, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, and the Royal Photographic Society. Roxanne is the author of several books, including Advanced ICM Techniques, Think Before You Shoot, The Art of Mindful Photography, Catching My Peripheral Vision: Finding Clarity in Blur, and Critique – A Path to Creating Exceptional Photography.

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