On Location
Santa Fe

Creating Photographic Artistry with Lightroom and Photoshop

with Shelley Vandegrift

November 2 – 5, 2023

  • Tuition $1095.00
  • Standard Deposit $400.00

Course Description

Do you want to take your Lightroom and Photoshop skills to a higher level? Do you want the creative skills to add a surreal touch to your images, to create composites? This four-day workshop (Thursday through Sunday) in The Workshops state-of-the-art Digital Lab with Shelley Vandegrift promises to increase your post-processing skills and help you add a creative element to all your images.

This new workshop focuses on creative processing concepts such as light, contrast, color, and content and then explores the easiest techniques, tools, and workflows to apply them in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students bring existing images from their library and then create new photographs from them in class. 

Shelley, an accomplished photographer, and educator with a knack for making post-processing understandable, leads you on an exploration of creative post-processing techniques and how embracing it can add emotion and mood that expresses your vision. You learn to create a plan for bringing your story to life through the manipulation of light, focus, color, texture, and content.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Manipulating light and contrast to emphasize your image’s story
  • When B&W is preferable to Color
  • Color, its impact, and how to use split-toning, filters, and LUTs to achieve your vision
  • Using special effects such as blur and glow to create a unique result
  • ICM in post processing 
  • Creating and using texture overlays
  • Using content creatively to construct or enhance your story, including editing content, creating multiple exposures, and creating composites
  • Techniques for solving compositing problems

Join Shelley this fall in Santa Fe and learn how to get the creative results you have dreamed of for your images. 

Additional Information

COVID-19 Update: For all in-person workshops and trips in 2023, Santa Fe Workshops highly recommends that all participants, staff, and instructors attending be up to date with Covid vaccinations (per definition of the CDC).


Amateurs and Advanced Amateurs who want to add a creative aspect to their editing toolbox. Color, black-and -white, and infrared photographers are welcome.

What You Should Know:

A working knowledge of how to correct images in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, and a basic familiarity with the Photoshop interface, adjustment layers, and tools. This workshop is best suited for those looking for a creative boost rather than those seeking to master Adobe’s applications.

Computer workstations equipped with M1 chip Mac minis are provided in the Digital Lab. Please ensure any external hard drives are formatted to be read by Mac systems. See "Santa Fe Campus" for more details.


Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements in Santa Fe. On-campus accommodations are not currently available.

One group dinner included. Beverage service provided daily.
Applications, Creative Vision, Fine Art
Shelley Vandegrift

Shelley Vandegrift fell under the spell of photography as a 10-year-old child, carefully watching and learning in her father’s darkroom. From that point forward, the technical components of the post-production process held as much attraction for her as the creative experience behind the lens. With the introduction of digital photography, she found a marriage between her two passions: photography and computer technology. She shares that passion both in her photographic art and in workshops and webinars globally.

Her teaching focuses primarily on two areas: artistic post-processing techniques and infrared photography. Shelley possesses a knack for taking post-processing techniques and making them accessible to all. In conjunction with her artistic mentor and friend, Laurie Klein, she guides photographers in achieving their own artistic vision through the magic of post-processing and discovering the skills they need to craft their stories.

Shelley is co-author with Laurie Klein of Infrared Photography: Digital Techniques for Artistic Images, 2nd Edition from Amherst Publishing. She is the designer and developer of Infrared Mastery presets for Luminar and Lightroom, and has been a guest lecturer/presenter for Skylum and DxO software.  Her work has been featured in the two-woman exhibit, The Beauty of Invisible Light, at the Commons Gallery and in B&W Magazine, A. Smith Gallery, the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, Dallas City Hall, Lucas Gallery, and the Art Travelers Gallery at Dallas’s Love Field airport.

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