On Location
Santa Fe

Alternative Photographic Processes Using Natural Materials

with Julia C. Martin

July 22 – 26, 2024

  • Tuition $1895.00
  • Location and Materials Fee $190.00
  • Standard Deposit $400.00

Course Description

The creative process and photography have always allowed us the ability to connect with the natural world. Many photographers are now delving beyond traditional printing methods to allow deeper integration of their artistic vision and a connection to the natural world. As we strive to be better stewards of the earth, a stronger understanding of how to relate to the land with our art is vital. Exploring alternative photographic processes that use natural materials offers photographers the ability to integrate their work with the earth in a new and sustainable way.

In this hands-on workshop in Santa Fe, photographic artist Julia C. Martin leads a fascinating discovery of myriad methods of using natural materials in photographic processes and how they relate to our imagery. Over the course of five days, participants learn processes such as making paper from plants to print on, applying images to natural surfaces such as wood or rocks, and toning cyanotype prints using botanicals. We use both digital and alternative photographic processes in our exploration of image-making from natural materials. In addition to working in our studio/classroom, we also travel into the beautiful New Mexican landscape to make images on location. During the week we meet with a local botanist and collect materials in the field, as well as learn from Julia’s demonstrations and daily group image reviews.

Join Julia in this exploration of the ephemeral land we live on, and allow yourself to focus on the relationship between nature and your art.

Additional Information

All are welcome
What You Should Know:

Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR or mirrorless camera. Participants must be able to download and select images using image editing software for class sessions.

Activity Level:
To get the most from your workshop experience, participants should be in good physical (mobility, stamina) and mental health. Come prepared for the high elevation of Santa Fe, long days, and seasonal weather including high temperatures. You must be able to carry your own photographic and personal gear at all times, both on campus and on location. You are responsible for being open and honest about your physical fitness, and we reserve the right to remove you from the workshop if we find your fitness to be less than that which you have described.
Participants should be able to engage in moderate outdoor exercise for up to an hour or more at a time including off-trail walking on uneven terrain including sand, dirt, and loose rock. Location work is likely to include early morning and/or late evening shoots.

Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements in Santa Fe. On-campus accommodations are not currently available.

Lunch Monday through Friday, dinner at the Friday evening Image Presentations, and daily beverage service.
Alternative Process, Creative Vision, Fine Art, One-of-a-Kind
Julia C. Martin

Julia C. Martin is a photographic artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work deals with the themes of mortality, ephemerality, and time. The process of making is important to her work and many of her prints are made by hand using historic or experimental processes. In addition to photography, she also works in installation, printmaking, papermaking, and book arts.

Julia is originally from Golden, Colorado. She received her MFA from Arizona State University and her BA from Montana State University. She has worked at institutions such as the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Aperture Foundation. Julia has exhibited internationally and has had work in publications such as Southwest Contemporary, Shots Magazine, and The Experimental Darkroom: Contemporary Uses of Black & White Photographic Materials by Christina Z. Anderson (Focal Press, 2022). Julia is currently a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University and Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

Instagram: @juliacmartin

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