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Dan Burkholder has a long history of inventing, exploring, teaching and exhibiting the next great thing in imaging. His book, iPhone Artistry, is considered the most comprehensive and fun how-to book for iPhone photographers. His poignant monograph, The Color of Loss, intimately documented the flooded interiors of post-Katrina New Orleans and is the first coffee table book photographed entirely using HDR (high dynamic range) methods.

His award-winning book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, has become a standard resource in the fine art photography community and his platinum/palladium and inkjet prints are included in private and public collections internationally.

Instagram: @danburkholderphotos

Workshops taught by Dan Burkholder

iPhone Artistry

with Dan Burkholder

November 4 – 21, 2024

Adobe Photoshop for Fine-Art Photographers

with Dan Burkholder

iPhone Artistry: Travel Photography with a Mobile Touch

with Dan Burkholder

Inkjet Printing in an Alternate Universe

with Dan Burkholder

Photoshop for Fine-Art Photographers

with Dan Burkholder