On Location

iPhone Artistry: Travel Photography with a Mobile Touch

with Dan Burkholder

Course Description

Join Dan Burkholder for a week of photographic exploration in San Miguel, Mexico!

From the cobblestone streets of San Miguel to the inviting landscapes of Mexico, every day and evening will be filled with glowing photographic opportunities. And when the sun goes down, the fast lenses come out and ISOs go up as we explore the hidden intrigue and magnificence of San Miguel at night.

Enjoy a lightweight, modern approach to image making with photo critiques and classes all based on iPhones and iPads. That’s right, you can leave your laptop at home and spend your time making photos and memories rather than working in Photoshop and Lightroom. Discover the joy of editing during lunch on your iPhone or in the middle of the night on your iPad. Photograph and process the modern, compact and lightweight way — a dream for the travel photographer! Any camera is welcome — from DSLR to Mirrorless to iPhone — as long as you have a way to get your images onto your iPhone or iPad for viewing and editing.

Surrounded by the vibrant culture of colonial San Miguel de Allende, participants discover how to take full advantage of the iPhone’s handheld genius, while recognizing when specific tasks require a larger camera.

Whether you’re interested in capturing straight images or creating more painterly effects, you leave with an extensive toolkit of innovative visual techniques that simultaneously elevate your iPhone imagery and steer it in directions that mirror your unique vision.

Additional Information

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs, Professionals
What You Should Know:

Proficient in digital workflow.

Creative Vision, Fine Art, One-of-a-Kind, Travel Photography
Dan Burkholder

Dan Burkholder has a long history of inventing, exploring, teaching and exhibiting the next great thing in imaging. His book, iPhone Artistry, is considered the most comprehensive and fun how-to book for iPhone photographers. His poignant monograph, The Color of Loss, intimately documented the flooded interiors of post-Katrina New Orleans and is the first coffee table book photographed entirely using HDR (high dynamic range) methods.

His award-winning book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, has become a standard resource in the fine art photography community and his platinum/palladium and inkjet prints are included in private and public collections internationally.

Instagram: @danburkholderphotos

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