Out There: A Visual Journey Across the National Parks with Brendan Hall

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Event Date: Thur, October 19, 2023 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MST

Santa Fe Workshops collection of free online events, Creativity Continues, welcomes Hall for a discussion crafted for filmmakers and photographers alike, exploring empathy, risk taking, and serendipity in the creative process. In this talk, Hall will give an intimate look into the making of his first feature-length documentary, Out There: A National Parks Story. Captured and edited over the course of seven years, the film tells the story of a 10,000 mile road trip Hall and his childhood friend took through the U.S. national parks to document stories of people who have formed a connection with the landscapes they’re in. As the film’s director, cinematographer and editor, he will discuss the process of independent storytelling and explore the ways we can connect audiences to the wonders of our planet.

In the middle of college, Brendan Hall stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon and began dreaming of how to capture stories in nature to share them with others. That formative moment began a years-long journey of documentary filmmaking across the U.S. and around the globe, resulting in an award-winning debut feature-length documentary and culminating in the opportunity of a lifetime: Hall’s selection for a civilian lunar space mission.

Hall is a documentary filmmaker sharing stories in the natural world and beyond. His projects have explored the frontiers of our human spirit, from following a remote medical expedition through the Amazon rainforest to scientists unearthing wooly mammoth bones in Siberia. Since graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he directed projects for global non-profits and brands including National Geographic, Adobe and The Nature Conservancy. He has also contributed cinematography to feature-length documentaries including PBS’s Bill Nye: Science Guy and Apple TV’s Red Heaven, and is a member of the Explorer’s Club. In 2022, Hall was globally announced as a crew member of the dearMoon lunar mission led by Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa. Selected from over one million artists and creatives around the world, he will join Maezawa and seven other crew members on the first-ever civilian flight around the moon with SpaceX.

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Event Recording

Many thanks to everyone who joined us live. View the recorded program below:

SFW Creativity Continues Out There: A Visual Journey Across the National Parks with Brendan Hall