On Location

Travel Photography: Capturing the Essence of Place

with Krista Rossow

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Course Description

In an age where photography is ubiquitous, an engaged travel photographer uses their curiosity and camera to delve beyond the surface to reveal the essence of a place. We venture off of the beaten path, engage in authentic interactions with locals, and strike a balance between informed planning and openness to serendipity. By simply having the curiosity to explore, new worlds will unfold before our lenses.

San Miguel de Allende is a well-known travel destination, but during our five-day expedition, we slow down, connect with the rhythms of everyday life, and discover its secrets. Using the city as our muse, we develop travel stories and spend part of each day photographing in the field, focusing on human connections to build upon those stories. In the classroom, participants receive daily feedback from Krista in one-on-one and group critiques.

Krista’s experience on both sides of the photo editing desk gives her a unique perspective, and she generously shares strategies for researching and preparing for an assignment, honing visual skills, and creating compelling images that tell a story. She also imparts her self-promotion strategies (especially concerning social media) and discusses approaches for distributing work.

By week’s end, you know how to make photographs smartly, efficiently, and more creatively, and you return home with an engaging visual narrative that captures the spirit of this magical Mexican town.

Additional Information

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs
What You Should Know:

Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR or mirrorless camera. Participants must be able to download and select images using image editing software for class sessions.

For the convenience of participants, recordings of each class session are posted privately for one month after the end of each session. Santa Fe Workshops takes the recordings down after one month to protect the intellectual property of our instructors.

Street Photography, Travel Photography
Krista Rossow

Krista Rossow is a freelance photographer with more than 17 years of experience in the travel industry. She has shaped compelling visual stories as a staff photo editor at National Geographic Traveler magazine. She regularly contributes to National Geographic Travel in the U.S. and U.K., as well as working with other travel publications and tourism boards. She has photo edited five book titles for National Geographic and judged multiple photography contests. Krista teaches photography for National Geographic Expeditions and in private workshop settings. Her experience as both photo editor and photographer make her uniquely qualified to help students hone their visual storytelling skills.

Instagram: @KristaRossow

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