fotomúsica de méxico

Gather with Jennifer and Pepe on a journey creating imaginative images through the soulful Mexican music culture. 

Creating Memorable Portraits

Explore how to create portraits with your own point of view and learn to develop your personal photographic style and incorporate that into your portraiture.

Festival Time in San Miguel de Allende

Elevate your creative vision and expanding your photographic technique during one of the most photogenic festivals San Miguel de Allende has to offer.

¡Mira! Look… Look!

Set aside what you already know to create photographs that surprise, delight, and maybe even amaze you in San Miguel de Allende.

The Color Moment

Cultivate your visual sensitivity and heighten your awareness of color as you master how to gracefully capture those “decisive moments.”

The Sensual Image

Express your intuitive create soul by collaborating with gracious male and female figure and dance models in the inspiring setting of San Miguel de Allende.