The Fine-Art Digital Print

Learn not only what it takes to make beautiful color or black-and-white digital prints, but importantly how to make them on a consistent basis.

The New Mexico Landscape and Lightroom

Understand the magic necessary to transform what’s in front of the camera into a stunning photograph, and learn how to create stronger, more striking landscape images.

Epson Printer Primer

Cultivate your fine-art printmaking skills and instincts to achieve master-quality prints at home with Cotton Miller’s extensive knowledge and expertise in this arena, as well as that of Epson’s Dan Steinhardt.

Photography: Back to the Basics

Partner with your camera as a creative tool and companion by understanding the technical aspects of how it works and sees with the most patient teacher we know.

The Composited Image Redressed

Enter into a world of magic or mystery, of whimsy or the unconscious and redress the idea of what a composited image is and what it can become.