Tethering and Capture One

Explore the gold standard for tethering as you develop a working understanding of its functions and capabilities.

The Fine-Art Digital Print

Learn not only what it takes to make beautiful color or black-and-white digital prints, but importantly how to make them on a consistent basis.

Post-Processing for Creative Results

Take an entirely different route and start with a desired result and then explore the easiest techniques, tools, and workflows to achieve it. 

The New Mexico Landscape and Lightroom

Understand the magic necessary to transform what’s in front of the camera into a stunning photograph, and learn how to create stronger, more striking landscape images.

Web Design for Photographers

Conceive, customize, and ultimately control your own website by designing it yourself in five weeks, with the expert advice and guidance of Cotton Miller.

Smart Objects and Color

Unleash the power of using Smart Objects and then expand your understanding of color in your creative work.

Digital Workflow for Fine-Art Printmaking

Tired of inferior prints that waste your time and materials? Digital printmaking pioneer R. Mac Holbert shares his seminal workflow for digital file optimization.