Photoshop for Photographers: The Essentials

Photoshop was designed not only for photographers but also for designers, web developers, and graphic artists. Learn software customization and how to tailor the Photoshop interface for an efficient workflow.

Digital Collage 1.0

Join Maggie Taylor as she walks through her process of complex composites and how to create an artful digital collage, starting at square one.

Modern Montage: A Creative Retreat

Push the boundaries of photographic shape-shifting and discover visually rich digital collage opportunities with Maggie Taylor on-location in San Miguel de Allende.

Discovering One’s Intuition Through Compositing

This memorable week-long adventure with Karen Divine in San Miguel de Allende is geared to move you outside your comfort zone, challenging you to make iPhone composites that reflect a new and unique personal perspective.

Introduction to Photoshop

Acquire the fundamental skills to become proficient in Adobe Photoshop with this entry-level, in-person workshop that guides you through the technical software using step-by-step tutorials that are fun and easy to understand.

Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Learn the proper Adobe Lightroom Classic (LrC) workflow, build a solid technical foundation, and streamline your photography with step-by-step tutorials that are fun and easy to understand as you apply this software to your own photography.

iPhone in the Landscape

Discover the delights of traveling light as you create gallery-worthy images using the camera in your pocket.