Modern Montage: A Creative Retreat

Push the boundaries of photographic shape-shifting and discover visually rich digital collage opportunities with Maggie Taylor on-location in San Miguel de Allende.

The Next Step: San Miguel de Allende

Join Sam Abell in this documentary photography workshop that incorporates review of existing work, daily field sessions in and around the colorful city of San Miguel de Allende, and one-on-one sessions.

The Fine Art of Infrared Photography: Unveil the Hidden Beauty

Each day is an opportunity for personal growth, refining your finesse in fine-art infrared storytelling. Join Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift, for an immersive experience destined to enrich your artistic narrative in the world of infrared photography.

Mojo Rising: Renew Your Creative Spirit

Join fine-art photographer Keith Carter for an adventurous hands-on guide to contemporary skills and new post-production techniques to get your mojo rising.

Discover the Realm of Blur

Journey through the cobblestone streets and picturesque landscapes of San Miguel de Allende, with Roxanne Bouché Overton, armed with your understanding of the intentional techniques involved in capturing dynamic and abstract images through camera movement.

Discovering One’s Intuition Through Compositing

This memorable week-long adventure with Karen Divine in San Miguel de Allende is geared to move you outside your comfort zone, challenging you to make iPhone composites that reflect a new and unique personal perspective.

Exploring the Secrets of the Night: San Miguel de Allende

Guided by Jason Langer, this workshop explores night photography and includes lessons on understanding ambient lighting sources such as streetlamps, exterior lighting, their kelvin temperatures, the moon and stars, as well as artificial lighting.

Spirit of Place: San Miguel de Allende

Delve into different storytelling techniques and create compelling visual narratives that reflect the essence of San Miguel de Allende with Sal Taylor Kydd in this immersive week-long photography workshop.

A Portrait of Coastal Maine

Long-time Maine resident Reid Callanan takes students on a creative photographic adventure, exploring the backroads, sand beaches, fishing villages and waterways in this immersive in-person photography workshop.

Autumn Colors in Acadia

Journey to the crown jewel of the northeast, Acadia National Park this Autumn with Rick Berk to expand our creativity and as well as learn the technical elements of landscape photography.