Story & Emotion in the Natural World

Fine-art photographer and filmmaker Lev L. Spiro helps move your images beyond mere representation of the natural world to evoke deep emotional responses and tell compelling stories, creating meaning and connection with viewers.

Beginning Pet Photography: Dogs and Cats

Join Shaina Fishman in this workshop tailored for beginner and hobbyist photographers aiming to improve their skills starting with a review of the basics of photography, including f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length, with a focus on photographing cats and dogs.

Photoshop Compositing: A Garden of Delights

In this three-week workshop, Ryn shows participants how to create composites that give the illusion of a new reality using Photoshop and images created from their iPhone or digital camera.

Diptychs, Triptychs, and Beyond

Join photo-based artist Manuela Thames in this six-session online workshop introducing and reviewing the techniques necessary to create diptychs using Adobe Photoshop.

Light, Lighting, Lit

Join Tony Corbell and learn how to see light, control it, and create striking photographs using both natural and artificial light, developing a unique perspective and the knowledge to embrace pushing the limits.

The Black-and-White Image

In this new online workshop with Carlan Tapp explore the creative visual possibilities of the monochromatic image, learn how to see in black and white as well as the technical aspects of transforming a color digital image into monochrome.

The Fine Art of Flat Lay

Explore, practice, and develop your flat lay photography using deep observation of your surroundings as the key impetus with England-based artist and photographer Philippa Stanton.