Amanda Quintana-Bowles

Amanda, an 11th generation New Mexican, was born and raised in Santa Fe and is an accomplished vocalist, musician, photographer and artist. Her evolution as a creative and her professional training in branding, graphic arts, and design has led her to become a highly regarded mentor. Drawing people in with her warmth and approachability, Amanda uses her […]

Olivia Pike

I am a freelance photographer/photo editor, currently based out of Vine Grove Kentucky, where I was born and raised.  I went to college to study design and illustration, but fell in love with photography after my first class in the darkroom.  I graduated with a BFA in 2D Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from […]

Montse Carty

Hello! I’m Montse and work both as an Instructor and Facilitator for SFW. I work with our wonderful instructors to ensure they have everything they (and our students!) need to run the class smoothly. Additionally, I will be teaching a course on Creative Writing (Hybrid Forms in Literary Nonfiction)! I am named after a mountain […]

Mark James

Hello! I’m Mark, and I serve as Santa Fe Workshops’ Creative Director. After working with the leadership team to develop a new and engaging brand identity for The Workshops, I joined the team so I could continue to help guide on all things brand expression. I make sure our marketing outreach is engaging, and our […]

Renie Haiduk

Hola! I’m Renie Haiduk and I am the Director of our México programs in San Miguel de Allende. For over 25 years, I was the Director of Operations at SFW, including our México programs. My responsibilities included hiring and training seasonal staff, working with instructors to create dynamic schedules, and to produce successful workshops. My […]

Jake Baca

I am a seasoned multimedia producer and now also a Course Facilitator for SFW Online. My goal at SFW is to provide top quality remote assistance with our online courses, and to keep an open line of communication for all parties involved leading to a great student experience. I have been producing media in the […]

Mecca Riane

My name is Mecca Riane. I am a born and bred New Mexico photographer, poet and mixed media artist. I’ve been refining my skills in front of the lens and behind it for well over 5 years now. I am an Online Course Facilitator for the Santa Fe Workshops. I help to ensure your online course […]

Christine Alexander

I am the Operations Manager for the Santa Fe Workshops, and oversee the facilitation of our in-person and online classes. I am also the lead instructor for the Workshops’ online youth photography program. I have worked as a photography instructor for teens at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and collaborated with therapeutic organizations across the country […]

Emily Nunez

Hi! I’m Emily and I work as the Director of Finance. I do a variety of accounting and bookkeeping tasks such as ensuring all instructors, facilitators and vendors get paid.   I work in the business office with Isaiah and his awesome dog Mojo. My husband and I have lived in Santa Fe for over 20 […]

Leah Woodruff

I am an Independent Photo Editor as well as a contract Course Facilitator and summer season Producer with SFW. My main roles with SFW are to assist the online workshops as well as producing the in person 2021 summer workshop season. I begin working for SFW as the Studio Manager in 2014 after receiving a […]