Kristi Odom

about Kristi

Kristi Odom is an internationally acclaimed photographer, Nikon Ambassador associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and motivational speaker. Her work focuses on connecting people emotionally to animals and the natural world; it has been published in print and online by National Geographic, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Outside Magazine, Nikon, and Microsoft. Kristi teaches photographers to improve their work through advanced camera skills and creating an emotional connection with their subjects. She has received more than 60 accolades from organizations around the world, including two from Nature’s Best Photography, which exhibited her images at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Instagram: @kristiodom

Workshops taught by Kristi Odom

Tanzania: A Luxury Photo Safari

with Kristi Odom

June 22 – 30, 2023

Macro and Telephoto Photography in Your Own Backyard: Birds, Bugs, and Plants

with Kristi Odom

January 11 – 28, 2023

Time-Lapse: From Grand to Small

with Kristi Odom and Mark Kettenhofen

March 26 – April 16, 2022
– Summer Season

Enhancing Your Narrative with Advanced Camera Techniques

with Kristi Odom

August 2 - 6, 2021

Look Beyond: Elevate Your Vision and Intention with Local Storytelling

with Michelle Valberg and Kristi Odom

May 12 - June 16, 2021

Birds, Bugs, and Plants: Macro and Telephoto Photography in Your Own Backyard

with Kristi Odom

April 12 - 29, 2021

The Next Step: Macro and Telephoto Photography in Your Backyard

with Kristi Odom

April 3 - 17, 2021