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Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

with Jennifer Spelman

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Course Description

The future is here. The Apple iPhone you’re now holding in your hand rivals a professional camera in its remarkable ability to create images and share stories. It’s an always accessible tool that’s lightweight and easy to use, once you learn its varied photographic features. Billions of images are snapped each day as we grab our phones to document life’s most special moments. To turn these snapshots into memorable photographs, we simply need to understand the technology and combine it with a visual sensitivity to light, moment, and composition.

This workshop explores both the iPhone’s technical possibilities and the creative elements inherent in all compelling images. Mornings are devoted to lectures, discussions, and critiques of the previous day’s work, while afternoons are spent practicing newly acquired skills in the picturesque environs of Santa Fe. Throughout, Jennifer shares easily understandable, step-by-step methods for using the camera’s many features, including focus and exposure controls, lens and format options, and night photography possibilities. In addition to introducing participants to apps for capturing and editing, she also outlines the basic strategies for safely archiving iPhone images.

Because of the amazing cameras in our mobile devices, we all get to be photographers every day. Apple leads the world in innovation, and Jennifer helps you develop the skills and creative mindset for using its ingenious iPhone to boost the quality of your images that record the important moments of life and capture the things that matter most. By the workshop’s end, you’ve acquired a solid understanding of your iPhone’s camera, and you return home with a collection of photographs reflecting your new expertise.

Additional Information

Creative Vision, One-of-a-Kind
© Nerissa Escanlar
Jennifer Spelman

Jennifer Spelman is a documentary photographer and member of the Jibaro Photos Collective. She is co-publisher of CubaSeen, a quarterly magazine showcasing photography and writing about Cuba.

Jennifer received her photographic training as an assistant with Santa Fe Workshops, working with some of today’s most preeminent photographers: Jay Maisel, Norman Mauskopf, and Joe McNally.

A sensitive photographer of people, Jennifer strives to create portraits with energy and insight. She is most at home on the streets of Havana and has worked with Santa Fe Workshops across Cuba since 2011. Jennifer is a patient educator who has co- instructed with National Geographic Expeditions and taught workshops in Romania, India, Mexico, Japan, in addition to Cuba.

A popular workshop instructor, Jennifer is also part of our Mentorship Program »

Instagram: @jennifer_spelman

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