Path to Book Publishing

with Kathy Izard

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Too often writers believe that their only path to publication is being accepted by an agent and obtaining an ever-elusive contract from one of the “big five” publishers. This model requires writers not only to produce a brilliant manuscript but also to have a social media platform that will deliver readers. There are many ways to become a published author, however, and most of them don’t involve waiting around for a book deal.

Award-winning author Kathy Izard writes for both adults and children. During the last five years, she has published four books in two languages, selling more than 30,000 copies. In the process, she employed three different publishing models: traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing. This workshop details the the ins and outs of those three models. As we weigh the pros and cons, you discover how your own goals dovetail with each, determining which one, ultimately, is the right fit for you.

After each of our four class sessions, you complete writing assignments to assess your project’s readiness for publishing, set personal goals, and create a realistic publication timeline. Our small-group discussion format allows for ample feedback and guidance from Kathy. Join her for this highly targeted, interactive workshop and leave with everything you need to know to bring your words into the world.

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Writers Lab
Kathy Izard

Kathy Izard is an award-winning author and speaker who has helped bring transformation to Charlotte in homelessness, housing, and mental health. Her memoir, The Hundred Story Home, has been featured on NPR as well as The Today Show, inspiring people to be change-makers in their own communities.

In 2019, Kathy released A Good Night for Mr. Coleman, a children’s book written to encourage kids to dream big and Do Good. Her newest memoir, The Last Ordinary Hour is based on her family’s experience with a rare cardiac disease and was published to help others struggling with radical uncertainty. Kathy is the recipient of a Christopher Award, the Bank of America Neighborhood Hero Award, and was recognized as a William J. Clinton Distinguished Guest Lecturer.


Instagram: @kathyizardclt

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