Photoshop for Photographers: The Essentials

Photoshop was designed not only for photographers but also for designers, web developers, and graphic artists. Learn software customization and how to tailor the Photoshop interface for an efficient workflow.

A Photograph as Haiku: The Leap

Designed exclusively for alumni of the Photographing Haiku workshop, this is a special one-time offering to move beyond the basics of the form and begin to concentrate on the poetry.

The Language of Vision

Explore the power of emotion and metaphor to create photographic images that are purposeful, precise, and fresh.

Thinking Outside the Box

Acquire the tools necessary to regain the freedom to create from your core and feel confident producing images that reach beyond the conventional, reconnecting you to your unique, personal vision.

The Art of Composition—Reimagined

Dig into rhythms and narratives in our frames to explore the photographer’s avenue to organize the chaos of light ‘out there’ into a harmonious tableau.