On Print Process: Vintage to Digital

Learn about the materials, techniques, and stories behind photographic printing processes, including daguerreotype, cyanotype, collodion, gelatin silver, platinum, polaroid, and digital with our local Santa Fe expert.

The Fine-Art Digital Print

Learn not only what it takes to make beautiful color or black-and-white digital prints, but importantly how to make them on a consistent basis.

Epson Printer Primer

Cultivate your fine-art printmaking skills and instincts to achieve master-quality prints at home with Cotton Miller’s extensive knowledge and expertise in this arena, as well as that of Epson’s Dan Steinhardt.

Digital Workflow for Fine-Art Printmaking

Tired of inferior prints that waste your time and materials? Digital printmaking pioneer R. Mac Holbert shares his seminal workflow for digital file optimization.

Equine: Capture to Print

Immerse yourself in equine energy while finessing your photographic skills at a selection of Santa Fe ranches.