Introduction to Photoshop

Acquire the fundamental skills to become proficient in Adobe Photoshop with this entry-level, in-person workshop that guides you through the technical software using step-by-step tutorials that are fun and easy to understand.

Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Learn the proper Adobe Lightroom Classic (LrC) workflow, build a solid technical foundation, and streamline your photography with step-by-step tutorials that are fun and easy to understand as you apply this software to your own photography.

Location Lighting: The Basics

Incorporate artificial light into storytelling as a creative means to define individual styles while preserving the authenticity of documented scenes

The Art of iPhone Photography: From Capture to Edit

Capture, edit, and create stunning images using just your iPhone with Pei Ketron. Join this specialized class to discover the secrets of iPhone photography—learning capture techniques and editing skills that transform the way you approach mobile photography.

Photo Editing Essentials

Enhance the impact of a body of work by sorting, arranging, and placing images to tell a compelling photographic story.