Streets of Italy: Rome, Florence, and Naples

Join National Geographic photographer Massimo Bassano in this travel photography experience exploring Rome, Florence, and Naples, offering a unique street photography perspective of these three cities woven together through thousands of years of joined history.

The Expressive Lens

This workshop focuses on the five key factors that contribute to impactful image making: creating an emotional connection with the subject, building a solid compositional foundation, utilizing expressive techniques, exploring tools to nurture skills, and discovering your inner artist.

What’s New in Lightroom Classic

Join Cotton Miller in unlocking the full potential of Adobe Lightroom Classic 13.3 as you discover how to leverage Lightroom’s enhanced masking capabilities to create precise masks for subjects, skies, backgrounds, and more.

The Creative World of ME ICM

Join expert ICM instructor Stephanie Johnson in this six week online course exploring the possibilities of multiple exposure ICMs (using ICM for all exposures of the ME sequence) to create wonderfully abstract and artistic images.

Climate Change and Photography: A Call to Action

Join us on Saturday, December 7, for a unique opportunity to hear directly from world-renowned photographers and photojournalists who have dedicated their careers to documenting the environmental, political, and spiritual upheavals of our time.

The Critique Circle: A Six-Week Online Workshop

Immerse yourself in a journey of the creative processes, developing and refining your unique artistic visions in this six-week online workshop exploring the domains of creativity, collaboration, and the art of critique.

A Taste of Santa Fe: Food and Restaurant Photography

Experience the fun and flavor of the Santa Fe culinary scene with renowned New Mexico food photographer Douglas Merriam in this two and half day summer workshop blending of hands-on food photography, inspiration, and play.