Xuan-Hui Ng

about Xuan-Hui

Xuan-Hui was born in Singapore and currently lives in Japan. She began photography as a form of self-therapy. Over time, she healed and rediscovered herself. She now photographs to celebrate and eternalize her serendipitous encounters with the natural world. She has been an artist lecturer at the Griffin Museum of Photography and various camera clubs. In 2022, she was interviewed by BBC World Service’s Cultural Frontline on “Creativity and Mental Health.” She is a contributor to ELEMENTS landscape photography magazine and recently wrote for Lenscratch. Her work is represented by Foto Relevance gallery in Houston, Texas. Her photographs are single-exposure images made in camera.

Website:  xuanhuing.com

Instagram: @xuanhui_ng

Workshops taught by Xuan-Hui Ng
– Summer Season

Nature's Embrace

with Xuan-Hui Ng

July 15 – 19, 2024

In Nature’s Embrace

with Xuan-Hui Ng

August 14 – 28, 2024