Oghalé Alex

about Oghalé

Oghalé Alex is a Nigerian-American Creative Director & Photographerbased in London and Los Angeles. He is also the founder of minimal fashion label, ISOKO.

His work is largely inspired by the concept of calm. He looks to create soothing juxtapositions between his subjects and their environments,paying special attention to posing and movement with soft colors and playful romanticism being key elements of every frame. 

Through the vehicle of photography, Oghalé aims to change negative perceptions surrounding Black Men & Women.

His work has been published in magazines including Nataal and Viewpoint Colour Magazine. He was shortlisted for the PALM* PhotoPrize 2020 and has exhibited work at the National Portrait Gallery of England as well as Vogue’s Photovogue Festival in 2022.

Website: oghalealex.com

Instagram: @oghalealex

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