Joe Perri

about Joe

Joe Perri is a photographer born and raised in South Florida and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. His interest in storytelling began with his early work on the road documenting musicians and later served as a foundation for his future endeavors, as he discovered the power of capturing intimate moments of everyday life. His practice evolved with a focus on the human condition, merging an immersive contemporary approach with a distinctive and painterly eye; meticulously exploring the interplay of light and color. Through his intimate and poetic style of work, his images unravel the nuances of the human experience and have resulted in notable commissions for clients such as Levis, Adidas, Dior, Nike, and The New York Times, to name a few. When not shooting commercially, Joe is highly invested in his personal projects. He is currently set to release his first book “Suddenly and Somewhat Brighter,” documenting teenage life in Iceland, which he has been photographing over the past 5 years. 

Instagram: @joeperri 

Workshops taught by Joe Perri

Capturing Color: A Comprehensive Guide To Color Toning

with Joe Perri

September 10 and 12, 2024