Jari Poulin

about Jari

Jari Poulin is an artist and printmaker using photography as the main expression of her practice. Her passion for Polaroid began in the 1990s with emulsion transfers and has recently become a renewed focus in her work. She holds her MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design (formerly the Art Institute of Boston). Jari’s work is primarily portrait-based and explores ideas of the ephemeral, memory, and identity. As a former dancer/choreographer, her work often features movement and dance or the implied sense of physicality and kinetic energy.

Throughout her various bodies of work, Jari often pushes settled visual boundaries to disrupt information in the images. She is interested in how the brain chooses to see, fill in the blanks, and discard visual information as is common in selective memory. As an artist and fine-art photographer, Jari’s images are photographically based, but at times she seeks to challenge traditional notions of the photograph by using experimental techniques and various combinations of digital and analog processes such as mixed media and printmaking processes such as polymer photogravure, monotypes, and stenciling within her practice.

Jari is the recipient of many national and international awards including the International Photo Awards (IPA), 15th and 23rd Annual Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, 7th Worldwide Pollux Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3), International Color Awards, ND Magazine Awards, Black and White Magazine Portfolio Award Winner, Color Magazine Portfolio Prize, the Ink Shop International Mini Print Juried Exhibit, and has been published those affiliated magazines and online galleries. She shares her time between her Ithaca NY home and studio and NYC.

Website: jaripoulin.com

Instagram:  @jaripoulin and @going_polaroid

Workshops taught by Jari Poulin

The Language of Polaroid: Exploring Your Creative Potential

with Jari Poulin

November 12 – December 17, 2024