On Collecting with Anne Kelly and Michael Rubin

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Event Date: Thur, May 4, 2023 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MST

Santa Fe Workshops collection of free online events, Creativity Continues features a special evening with photo-eye Gallery Director Anne Kelly and the director of The Rubin Collection, Michael Rubin. Together Anne and “Rubin” explore topics relating to collecting photography and collecting in general. As a concept, collecting refers to acquiring and organizing items of a particular type, such as stamps, coins, photographs, or any object of interest. Collecting can be a rewarding and satisfying pastime that allows people to express their creativity and passion for a particular subject.

The aspects of collecting photography are a predominant focus in Anne’s and Rubin’s day-to-day lives. As a gallery director, Anne manages the gallery’s collection, helps others build and maintain their collections, curates exhibitions, and promotes an artist the gallery represents. Rubin, a life-long collector, worked with his father on The Rubin Collection, concurrent with being a photographer himself. Today he maintains the collection and shares it with others— most recently with classes at Santa Fe Workshops.

Anne Kelly is the Director of photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, and has been with the company since 2006, producing and installing over 80 exhibitions. Established in 1991, photo-eye Gallery is a premier contemporary photography gallery representing both established and emerging photographers. Her interest in photography developed at an early age, influenced by her mother’s love for the medium. In addition, Kelly is a highly engaged portfolio reviewer for several arts groups and organizations across the country, both in-person and online, providing feedback, critique, and discourse. As an active supporter of the arts, Kelly has been described as enthusiastic, tenacious, and curious and is an occasional contributor to Analog Forever Magazine.

Michael Rubin has been a photographer and collector for more than 40 years, newly relocated to Santa Fe after decades in the Bay Area. As a young protégé of Jerry Uelsmann, he began by creating images that were both composed and surreal. Rubin’s work continues to meld the surreal with the intimate; he embraces the passion of the amateur and evangelizes photographic exploration for consumers. He manages a photo collection of thousands of classical works of mid-century modernism, always incorporated into his workshops, and has spent the past years developing this new curriculum in photographic education.

Concurrent with photography, he has had an entrepreneurial career that has spanned industries such as publishing, consumer retail, entertainment media, and technology. Career highlights include Lucasfilm, Netflix, and Adobe. He has had editing and post-production roles on numerous television and movie projects, including the miniseries “Lonesome Dove,” and the Bertolucci feature “The Sheltering Sky.”

If you have ever thought about collecting, but are not sure where to start, this conversation offers honest insight, tips, and ideas. Anne and Rubin answer questions from the webinar audience to wrap-up this program. Even if you can’t make the live event, a recording of it will be available for all those registered.

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Event Recording

Many thanks to everyone who joined us live. View the recorded program below:

Santa Fe Workshops Creativity Continues Event On Collecting