The Expressive Lens

This workshop focuses on the five key factors that contribute to impactful image making: creating an emotional connection with the subject, building a solid compositional foundation, utilizing expressive techniques, exploring tools to nurture skills, and discovering your inner artist.

Photoshop Compositing: A Garden of Delights

In this three-week workshop, Ryn shows participants how to create composites that give the illusion of a new reality using Photoshop and images created from their iPhone or digital camera.

The Language of Polaroid: Exploring Your Creative Potential

Join artist Jari Poulin for an online workshop for those excited to learn the language of Polaroid from a long-time lover of Polaroid’s delightful allure. Meeting once a week, classes are dedicated to igniting inspiration and learning the art of capturing images with Polaroid NOW+ or i2 cameras.

The Creative World of ME ICM

Join expert ICM instructor Stephanie Johnson in this six week online course exploring the possibilities of multiple exposure ICMs (using ICM for all exposures of the ME sequence) to create wonderfully abstract and artistic images.

Handmade Bookbinding: Soft Cover Long Stitch

This comprehensive online workshop focuses on one important part of the sketchbook-making process—binding its important pages together. Join Kelly as she introduces the basics of bookbinding, completing the workshop with a self-made softcover sketchbook.

Diptychs, Triptychs, and Beyond

Join photo-based artist Manuela Thames in this six-session online workshop introducing and reviewing the techniques necessary to create diptychs using Adobe Photoshop.

The Black-and-White Image

In this new online workshop with Carlan Tapp explore the creative visual possibilities of the monochromatic image, learn how to see in black and white as well as the technical aspects of transforming a color digital image into monochrome.

The Critique Circle: A Six-Week Online Workshop

Immerse yourself in a journey of the creative processes, developing and refining your unique artistic visions in this six-week online workshop exploring the domains of creativity, collaboration, and the art of critique.

The Visual Journal

Join photographer and fine art painter Michael Napper as you learn multiple techniques and ideas to form dynamic visual journals that incorporate various artistic approaches such as drawing, painting, collage, and photography.