Chuck Alexander

Tony led and coached us to scenes that were new to me. He showed us how to better explore and see an image. He brings an editor’s perspective to the daily critiques which gave great insights.

Hal Gregersen

Earlier this month I made sure to find time for the Homescapes online photography course with Reid Callanan at Santa Fe Workshops. It powerfully redefined how I look at our house, our family, and myself. The core message was the power of “hidden wholeness” in everyday life, including one’s home.

Michelle Gendreau

I continue to be grateful for the online Homescapes class and the creative outlet it secured for me. I’m not sure how I would have weathered the last several months without that. I think creative work might be the only way to stay sane during these times!

Juan Alvarez

Best Damn workshop ever! I got to learn something new and important to me. I learned so much from this workshop. It takes my photography to another level.