SFW Online

Exploring the World in Blur

with Roxanne Bouché Overton

January 10 – February 7, 2023

Tuesdays; 12:30 – 2:30 pm (Mountain Time)

  • Tuition $845.00

Online registration for this program has closed. To check availability or if you would like further information, please call 505-983-1400 ext. 111.

Course Description

In follow-up to her popular webinar presentations with Santa Fe Workshops, Roxanne is teaching a five-week online workshop this winter. This program, limited to ten students, moves deeply into the technical tools and creative vision of intentional camera movement and multiple exposures with the goal of helping each student evolve their unique style and personal voice.

Roxanne says of this special opportunity to teach and mentor a small group of students, “photography is visual storytelling, but it doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation. Life is full of choices, and my choices are rarely literal. I want my photography to engage the viewer to use their own imaginations to interpret the stories I tell. In this virtual workshop, I look forward to building a creative environment to explore the world of blur. We spend our time together focusing on new ways to use ICM, multiple exposures, and then compositing in post-processing to transform literal scenes into something magical. Shutter speeds, camera motion, and layering in post are the primary tools we use to craft our images in the world of blur, but most importantly we practice looking differently.”

Ernst Haas, a true master of the fine art of color photography, once said “I am not interested in photographing new things – I am interested in seeing things new.” When you stop and think about these words from Ernst – everything we have ever photographed can be seen and captured again and again with surprisingly diverse results. This workshop introduces you to new ways to look at ordinary things and capture them in extraordinary ways.

Join Roxanne this fall and take your photographic technique and vision to undreamed of heights.

Additional Information

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs
What You Should Know:

Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR or mirrorless camera and proficient using layers in post processing.

Special Notes:

This workshop will meet 12:30 – 2:30 pm (Mountain Time) on Tuesdays starting January 10 and ending February 7 (5 online group sessions).

Zoom Video Conferencing software (available for no charge from Zoom.com) will be used to facilitate the webinar. Further details will be emailed to registrants.

Santa Fe Workshops always aims to produce a high-quality experience for our online attendees. That said, variables including regional and local internet provider speeds, traffic on Zoom's servers, and your own computing hardware can contribute to a less than ideal streaming event. While we do our best to minimize the impact of these variables, they are outside the control of Santa Fe Workshops.


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For the convenience of participants, recordings of each class session are posted privately for one month after the end of each session. Santa Fe Workshops takes the recordings down after one month to protect the intellectual property of our instructors.

Creative Vision, Fine Art
Roxanne Bouché Overton

Roxanne Bouché Overton has won multiple awards for her innovative photography, which captures what she calls “liminal time—that space that is neither here nor there.” Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and in addition to leading workshops internationally, she’s made presentations for PSA, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, and the Royal Photographic Society. Roxanne is the author of several books, including Advanced ICM Techniques, Think Before You Shoot, The Art of Mindful Photography, Catching My Peripheral Vision: Finding Clarity in Blur, and Critique – A Path to Creating Exceptional Photography.

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