Victor Moriyama

about Victor

Victor Moriyama is a Brazilian photojournalist based in São Paulo covering South America and the Amazon rainforest for The New York Times. His works are based on a humanist photograph committed to documenting the processes of violence that prevail in social and environmental relations in Brazil. Agrarian conflicts, deforestation and conservation of tropical forests and their biodiversity, genocide of indigenous populations, and acceleration of climate change are themes that have guided his photographic production in recent years. Concerned about the scarcity of in-depth reports on conflicts in the Amazon, Victor created in 2019 the project @historiasamazonicas, a community of Latin American photographers committed to documenting contemporary processes taking place in the Amazon and defining the present. His idea is to expand world knowledge and engage global society with problems within the largest tropical forest in the world.

Instagram: @victormoriyama

Workshops taught by Victor Moriyama

Climate Change and Photography: A Call to Action

with with Victor Moriyama, Nichole Sobecki, Kiliii Yuyan, and moderator Carlan Tapp

December 7, 2024