Rashed Haq

about Rashed

Rashed Haq is a Bangladeshi-American artist, scientist, and technologist. He learned photography in the darkroom in Rochester and then was trained as a mathematical physicist, going on to do research on black holes and astrophysics. Rashed’s art explores the co-evolution of humans and technology, and the impact these have on our society, culture, environment, and psychology.

Rashed uses a combination of photography and software algorithms in his artistic practice, many of the techniques having been used in software engineering. He has recently had over 40 solo and group exhibitions across North America, and his work is in various private and corporate collections. He was awarded the Art+Science award from Lenscratch, and the COMPAS Photography award from Oxford University. His 2020 book Enterprise AI Transformation with Wiley Press was named one of the “100 Best Technology eBooks of All Time” by Book Authority.

Workshops taught by Rashed Haq

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Photography

with with Santiago Lyon, cari ann shim sham*, and Rashed Haq

November 4, 2023