Lev L. Spiro

about Lev

Lev L. Spiro is an award-winning filmmaker and fine-art photographer with more than 40 years of experience creating film and photography, as well as guiding and eliciting creative work from other artists. With his directing work paused during the pandemic, Lev focused his creativity on the intimate landscape of his gardens, where he worked to express the sense of mystery and wonder he finds in the natural world through fine-art photography. His series “Fugitive Light” and “Night Creatures” have been selected for dozens of juried exhibitions, as well as published as features in Art Ascent, Black + White Photography and Shadow and Light Magazine.  His work is also represented by La Botega Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.

In “Fugitive Light” Lev delved into the figurative and literal concepts of darkness in light, exploring the tension between the surface beauty of the natural world and darker emotions underneath. In the series “Night Creatures” he conjured a fantastical world in which plants are sentient creatures, as they move about, converse, fight, and make love in a highly anthropomorphized set of portraits referring to mythological archetypes.

Lev is also well known for his work directing over 160 television episodes, pilots, and features, including series such as Orange is the New Black, Modern Family, Weeds and Arrested Development. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two dogs, who often accompany him and make helpful suggestions as he creates images.

Website: levlspiro.com

Instagram: @llspiro

Workshops taught by Lev L. Spiro

The Artful Garden

with Lev L. Spiro

February 20 – March 8, 2024