Larry Gonzalez

about Larry

Larry Gonzalez is an accomplished artist whose creative journey has spanned over 25 years, marked by an evolution from a straightforward documentary approach to a more contemplative and conceptual stye. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Gonzalez received his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, where he was mentored by renowned photographers, Abelardo Morell and Laura McPhee. It was during this formative period that he began to shape his photographic vision. 

In the mid 90s, Larry attended the Yale School of Art where he was deeply influenced by Nan Goldin, Gregory Crewdson, Joel Sternfeld, and Sally Mann. In addition to his work in photography, he has also made significant contributions as a cinematographer in the realms of documentaries and commercial projects. Larry’s expertise has taken him across the Caribbean, the United States, Central America, and South America, gaining him international recognition and acclaim. Notably, his collaborations with UNESCO have solidified his reputation as one of the foremost documentary filmmakers in Latin America.

Larry has engaged with the world of commercial cinematography and directing, working on advertising campaigns and short films. He continues to push the boundaries of his artistic expression, promising yet another captivating exploration of the intersection between personal narrative and visual storytelling.

Workshops taught by Larry Gonzalez

The Thematic Image: Between the Found and the Constructed

with Larry Gonzalez