cari ann shim sham*

about cari ann

cari ann shim sham*, co-founder and curator for the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art, is an award winning wild artist working in AI, VR & XR, Inflatables, Cinema, Photography, Video Art, Theater, Opera, Dance, blockchain, and Web3 with 3 decades of programming, producing, and directing film, music, and dance festivals. With a curation practice two decades deep, she creates equitable spaces that cultivate new ideas for sustainable arts practices and offers free submission and innovative programming for new artists with a focus on dance film, vr, ar, xr, nfts, ai, generative art, web3 and interactive installation.  She is very active in web3 and co-founded mowna, a digital museum, with Joey Zaza in 2020. Together with Zaza and IV she developed an AI curator for the mowna exhibit “This Show is Curated by a Machine” which aimed for a more equitable, diversified and non-biased approach to curation.

As an artist her work has shown at notable venues such as Cannes, United Nations General Assembly, Samsung Developers conference, Future of Storytelling, Jacob’s Pillow, REDCAT, & BAM. Four of her dance films are distributed by Routeledge and she is the first video artist to redesign Rauschenberg’s ‘Shiner’ for “Set & Reset, Reset” by the Trisha Brown company. She is currently investigating blockchain GIF archival of performance on Tezos, developing an AI choreographer, and is a full Arts Professor of Dance & Technology at NYU, TISCH Dance Department. In her free time she enjoys free diving with dolphins, going to contact improv jams, and hunting wild edible mushrooms.

Workshops taught by cari ann shim sham*

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Photography

with with Santiago Lyon, cari ann shim sham*, and Rashed Haq

November 4, 2023