Beyond the Landscape: Experimental Tintype Photograms with Nadezda Nikolova

© Nadezda Nikolova
Event Date: Thur, April 6, 2023 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MST

Nadezda Nikolova’s work reflects her deep connection to the landscape and fascination with the photo-based object. Using light, wet plate collodion chemistry, paper cut-outs, cliché verre, and brushes, she creates experimental camera-less compositions in the darkroom through multiple exposures that allude to landscapes, light and atmospheric phenomena, and organic forms found in nature. Rather than transcribing the observed landscape, she seeks to record intuitive responses that speak to the felt and ineffable experiences of being fully present in the landscape: to a sense of wonder, awe, and permeating immanence, while simultaneously meditating on loss, hope, and meaning.

Straddling the line between representation and abstraction, the pared down visual vocabulary arises from the immediacy of the photogram as she explores the boundaries of the photographic medium, placing it in conversation with painting, collage, graphic arts, and sculpture. The compositions, ranging in mood from contemplative stillness to dynamism and movement, employ shape, artifact, gesture, and tonal range to explore balance and rhythm.

Born in 1978 (present day Serbia), Nadezda Nikolova is a Croatian-Bulgarian-American photographic artist. She studied 19th century phototrophic printing processes at the University of Kentucky and the George Eastman Museum. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Conservation and a Master’s degree in Policy Analysis. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She is based in Oakland, California and is represented by HackelBury Fine Art and Esther Woerdehoff Gallery.

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Event Recording

Many thanks to everyone who joined us live. View the recorded program below:

Santa Fe Workshops Creativity Continues Beyond the Landscape with Nadezda Nikolova