Donald Blake Photo Book

Over the years, Donald Blake's face has become one of the best-known at Santa Fe Workshops. He has modeled for us for more than 15 years, his timeless countenance never failing to inspire. Donald has even at times offered technical advice to the photographers working with him. To honor his contributions in front of the camera, Santa Fe Workshops has created a book of portraits featuring participant, staff, and instructor images of Donald. Copies of the Blurb book are available for purchase online at, and proceeds go directly to Donald and his wife Mary Joe to express our gratitude for working so graciously with us for so many years.


Surprise your favorite photographer with a gift to the Workshops!

Whether it's a gift certificate towards a photography workshop in Santa Fe or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cuba, a credit towards a unique item in our store, or a special one-on-one session with a master photographer, we can customize the gift of your choosing.

Gift certificates are available for any amount and can be purchased by calling (505) 983-1400, ext. 111.

HOLGA 120S Plastic Camera

This simple plastic camera is for people interested in creative photography. Its lack of sharp focus, lens distortion, and light leaks give you innovative, unique images. 6x6 or 6x4.5cm format.


TRAVEL MUGS - Stainless steel, insulated, black logo $12.50

COFFEE MUGS - white stoneware with blue logo $6.50

NALGENE WATER BOTTLES - various colors with white logo $10.95

One Thousand Moons - Photographs and text by Eddie Soloway

Santa Fe Workshops instructor, Eddie Soloway, released this personal book of images and his writings in 2004. "In my lifetime, if I am lucky, I will see one thousand full moons. One thousand. The number seems like a lot, yet it also feels finite. A generous amount, yet I could count to one thousand now and finish rather quickly."—exerpt from the book
144 pp., 77 color and black-and-white illustrations, HB


T-shirt with screened logo on left chest. White and Grey, Unisex sizes S-XL. $12.50

WOMEN'S T-SHIRT also available in yellow and pink $14.95

BASEBALL-STYLE T-SHIRT with dark green or light blue sleeves $15.00

The Original Lensbaby

The Original Lensbaby, an SLR camera lens is now available at the Workshops Store! "The Original creates a 'sweet spot‚' area of focus that you can move around the picture plane by bending the flexible lens tubing," says Craig Strong, Lensbaby inventor and professional photographer. This look is reminiscent of the Diana cameras of the past. Now you can attain that same look on your Nikon, Canon, or Pentax SLR camera! Strong describes these lenses as "the hybrid love children of an old-fashioned bellows camera and an up-tight tilt-shift lens. The photographs have the soft, roughed-up look produced by a Holga™, but using a Lensbaby on your SLR gives you greater versatility and the ability to take lots of experimental shots." Lensbabies ship with an f5.6 aperture installed, and using a system similar to antique Waterhouse stops, you can quickly change the look by swapping in one of the aperture rings that come with the lens. The apertures include an impressionistic f2.8, the versatile f4 & f5.6, and the f8, which is sharper but still has soft edges. Don't wait, place your order today and start playing again! The Original Lensbaby is just $96 plus shipping & handling for the Nikon, Canon, or Pentax mount.


100% cotton twill; various colors, some with contrast piping accent on visor edge. Hook & lock adjustable closure. Full color embroidered logo $16.95
Visors also available. $15.95